Who doesn’t love a well-placed or timely GIF when scrolling through their favorite social media news feed? In fact, social media users have become accustomed to seeing them anytime they open their smartphones.

A GIF, abbreviated as Graphics Interchange Format, is a format for image files that support both animated and static images. While GIFs seem like they are a trendy phenomenon now, they were initially introduced in 1987 by Steve Wilhite to make it easier for people to share animated images across different platforms and systems.

Today, GIFs are king. Regardless if you get into a heated argument on whether you are pronouncing it correctly or not (i.e. like the Jif peanut butter or with a hard “g” rhyming with “riff”), you can still use GIFs everywhere. Businesses of any kind can even use GIFs for their own social media marketing campaigns.

GIFs and Social Media Campaigns

When using GIFs as part of your social media marketing campaign, there can be several added benefits to your business. From our standpoint at ENX2 Marketing, even law firms and lawyers can benefit from an appropriately-timed GIF. Whether it’s a trending GIF or one that you created on your own, there is a proper way to use them.

  • Audience retention: People would rather consume visual information because it’s more appealing and much easier to understand. GIFs are sometimes better to use than text-filled social media posts because it keeps your audience around longer which can help them grasp your brand’s message more easily.
  • Event, service, or product promotion: A GIF is a great way to market your event, service, or product because it creatively entices your audience to potentially buy products, contact you, or attend an event. Businesses of all kinds are turning to GIFs because people are less likely to engage with traditional advertising or marketing.
  • Brand personality and creativity: Using GIFs in your social media marketing campaign gives your brand a personality. Depending upon your level of creativity and design, your brand can break the mold of traditional business models on social media while proving to your audience you’re more than just a robot.
  • Telling a story: Effective marketing is all about storytelling, even on social media. Since GIFs are easily consumed by various social media audiences, they can tell stories more effectively. In only a few seconds, a GIF can explain all you need to know.
  • Getting your audience involved: One of the best parts about using GIFs for business is that it encourages user-generated content. Your business can promote its brand with minimal effort while relying upon your most valuable asset – your audience (clients, consumers, etc.)

GIFs for Legal Marketing

Every law firm, no matter how big or small, needs to take advantage of social media. It’s one of the most efficient weapons to grow, increase traffic, and boost revenue. The GIF is one of the many tools a marketer has at his/her disposal when it comes to social media marketing.

GIFs, either already trending or created in-house, can be used in a way to make law firms more relatable with their social media audiences.  It shows potential clients that your firm isn’t stuck in the past, and if you can keep their attention for just a moment, they might be inclined to follow your firm on Twitter or like your Facebook page. If they do that, someone in your social media audience is one step closer to contacting you about a potential case. To put it simply, a GIF, if used properly, can bring you one step closer to future clients.

Logan, What’s Your Favorite GIF?

What’s the point of blogging about GIFs if you’re not going to give the people what they want? An actual GIF!

If anyone knows me, they know I love sports. So, many of my favorite GIFs are sports-related. I’m going to leave this one right here:

gronk gif blog

There you have it!

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