Not everyone is meant to work for someone else. Since the industrial revolution, a particular “pipeline to success” has been promoted by our parents, our teachers, and most other mentors. From kindergarten to college, we are told to go to school, graduate, and find a job working for someone. For many, this is the best path for them. People have been practicing the basic talents required for employment like showing up on time, participating, and following instructions all their life. 

The flip-side of the coin shows another reality- there are certain people who will excel in a different model, one of their own creation as an entrepreneur! If the traditional work experience isn’t aligning with your interests and motivations, making your own path might just be the right thing for you to do.

By looking at some of the most successful people in the world, you can see that they begin their journey by doing something different than everyone else. These are people who constantly have their sights set on new ideas, innovations, processes, etc. 

Peter Drucker, a famous author, once said, “The best way to predict the future is to create it.” Steve Jobs started in a garage, and Zuckerburg in his dorm. Our CEO here at ENX2, Nicole Farber, was already working full-time and raising her young son when she taught herself to code. You can start from anywhere, with anything, if you are willing to take the leap. If you have an idea, make it happen. If you have a dream, chase it. There are some serious benefits of doing so.


By starting a business, you can become your own boss. Many don’t enjoy the concept of taking orders from others, or having their work constantly checked and supervised by superiors. This gives you the power to take something that only existed in your imagination, and makes it a physical reality.

Greater Motivation

When your salary is solely dependent on the success of your business, you are a little more motivated to make everything perfect. You could be lazy and slow and have a failing business, but most who decide to become an entrepreneur are willing to put the work in, no matter how many hours it takes. Your employees, customers, and family are depending on you to make sure you offer the highest quality product or service. When presented with the option to live your dream, the effort required becomes less relevant.

Loving What You Do

Of all workers across America, only 20% feel passionate about their job. Of America’s entrepreneurs, 97% of them said they would never want to go back to traditional employment. With greater motivation and greater control, business owners generally seem to agree that they made the right choice in seizing the opportunity to build their own careers. 

Entrepreneurship At ENX2

Our amazing leader and CEO, Nicole Farber, created her own future. Despite any setback or challenge, she persisted through to fulfill her dreams. There are not many people who can say they taught themselves to code, but Nicole is one of them. She decided she would use her skills, as well as her ability to learn, to offer web design services. With a strong foundation, she continued to build her company and gathered like-minded people who she knew she could trust. 

Her attitude is evidence of her vast success. To this day, she is an active entrepreneur, creating a workplace environment unlike any other. Her emphasis on teamwork, collaboration, and the importance of every single person in the company is something that can’t be found anywhere else. She loves being presented with new challenges and welcomes any problem she can find new ways to solve.

On one of my first days here at ENX2, she told me there are two kinds of people, chickens and eagles. The chickens stay on the ground, looking down, cooped up in a small enclosure. When a storm comes, the chickens all freak out and go crazy flapping their ineffective wings. Eagles, on the other hand, fly wherever they like. These beautiful creatures fear no storm, as when they are faced with one, they soar higher and higher until they rise above it. She told me, “Be an eagle,” and I think everyone can be. 

And if you chose to be an eagle, and start your own business, have the entrepreneur and her team at ENX2 Marketing help you do it.