As the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic continues to plague the globe, business owners and their employees sit idly, not necessarily knowing when everything will return to normal. Unfortunately, this blog won’t answer that question. I wish I had answers, but all we can do is continue to push forward! I digress… 

In recent weeks, we’ve covered a variety of social media-related topics in our blog, including social media’s role during the pandemic and how it keeps all of us connected while staying at home. But now as the curve continues to flatten and cases lessen, the talk of reopening intensifies. Social media can play an enormous role in helping get the country, even the world, back on track. Let me explain! 

Coming Back Together with Social Media

As a point I had raised in a previous blog, social media is one of the best ways to share the news. While fake news does exist and takes away from credible reporting surrounding COVID-19, accurate news being shared across all platforms can keep people in the know and calm as we try to return to a time that seems like it was years ago. 

With conflicting reports on similar data and facts surrounding the pandemic, it seems that we may be more torn apart than ever. Sharing accurate news across social media can go a long way in reuniting the world, making sure everyone knows the facts. That’s what we all need now more than ever – the facts. 

Businesses Will Rise Again Thanks to Social Media and Videos

Businesses will come back. They have to. And, social media will play an integral role in their return to glory. It will be a catalyst to help spread the word about businesses reopening their doors, services being restored, and employees coming back to work in order to provide and take care of their loved ones. 

Having to manage dozens upon dozens of social media accounts, I’ve seen firsthand how businesses have been affected, along with what we’ve had to do to help them during this uneasy time. In my professional opinion, businesses of all kinds have really turned it up a notch when it comes to using social media. 

At ENX2 Marketing, we preach video as part of our social media strategy. During the past few weeks and months, we have seen an uptick in the number of videos we have worked on and posted for our clients. Personally, I’ve seen the same thing for nearly every business’ social media account I follow. 

People want to see people, especially now. With video, you’re doing just that. It’s the human interaction we all miss, and video provides the type of interaction we need, we crave, during these seemingly lonely times. 

For your business to come back better than ever, you should be posting some type of video content on whichever platform you use best. Let your clients, customers, and fans know you are here and doing everything you can to make sure business will be back to normal. You don’t want them to forget about you! Seeing your face in the form of a video will leave an impression on them, one they may never forget. 

Rise Above with the Experts at ENX2 Marketing!

Social media is a powerful tool. I know it, you know it, and business owners know it too. Take advantage of the tools you have now in order to succeed when this tumultuous time comes to an end… because it ultimately will. If you need social media marketing assistance you can rely on, ENX2 Marketing is here for you. Contact our crew today!