Social media marketing has been the topic of discussion for years now. Each year it seems we see a new social media platform pop up, and each year marketers find a new way to use that platform to promote brands. According to Hubspot, 80 percent of social network users prefer to connect with a brand via social media. In fact, 62% of marketers have said that their social media campaigns are more important to the marketing strategy than traditional methods.

We can go on spitting out statistics as to why you must be on social media. But numbers never really tell the story. A better way to show you why is a scenario:

Let’s say you are the director of a local nonprofit organization. As a nonprofit, you must count every cent you use every day. Since much of your funding goes toward the programs your nonprofit, your marketing budget is close to nothing. How can you get potential donors to help your organization?

Well, there’s the traditional methods of media advertising, newspapers, and direct mailings. But that’s pretty expensive. After all, a month’s worth of television ads could cost you thousands. And who knows if it will actually work. After all, you can spend $2,000 on advertising and only get a few hundred back from donations. Is that worth the price? Plus, you have no control over the content going out. What happens if the newspaper runs your ad but gets your phone number wrong? That’s a few hundred dollars you just wasted, even if they give you free advertising to make up for the mistake.

So how else will you get to donors? Well, social media is cheap, it’s easy, and you can reach thousands in minutes. And with social media, you can get your results of a new campaign in the time it takes you to click your mouse button. Plus you’re in control of your own content. It’s your Facebook page, put whatever you like on it! It’s also more personal — you connect with the people your foundation is helping. And with a strong social media presence, you will soon see an improvement on your SEO numbers.

Now be aware that we’re not saying stick only with social media as your marketing strategy. Why? Well, what about the people who aren’t glued to the computer screen 24/7? How will you reach them otherwise? Traditional methods are still very effective today, even with the expense. For example, one of clients used both traditional and social media marketing for its event. When looking over the registration forms for the event, as many people mention that they heard about the event through radio advertising and billboards as did those who said they saw it online.

So if you want to stick with just using social media as a marketing strategy, that’s great. But throwing in a little traditional marketing won’t hurt your brand any.