Third-Party Bot Traffic Does Not Directly Impact Your Google Rankings

A webmaster asked on Twitter if having “a lot of bot traffic coming in,” and if that bot traffic is “tagged under organic traffic, will have an adverse effect, or does Google ignore this?” The answer is no, John Mueller of Google said “That has no effect on Google Search.”

Going beyond keywords: how conversational insights take the guesswork out of marketing

  • Keywords represent the tip of the iceberg when it comes to understanding consumer intent
  • Using AI-powered chatbots, conversational data that occurs over messaging channels like Facebook Messenger and Instagram Messaging can give businesses a deeper understanding of what consumers want
  • A robust conversational marketing platform makes it possible for companies to build chatbots that engage and convert customers on the websites, apps, and social platforms where people spend their time

Mobile-first and Core Web Vitals: connecting the dots for page experience success

  • The Mobile Experience is critical for all categories when looking at Core Web Vitals (CWV)
  • Image compression seems to be a leading challenge for leading brands
  • Pages doing well for CWV tend to be informational in nature
  • Retail, in particular, could see significant disruption if second-tier retailers receive a boost
  • Across all sectors, there is opportunity and time for improvement and preparation as long as issues are addressed as a business priority
  • Enterprise Search and Digital Marketers need to prescribe the right course of action to meet core vital benchmarks
  • They must also convince the rest of the organization that the efforts will be worth the results

How Long it Takes to Re-rank a Site with Fixed Quality Issues

Mueller said, “How long that takes… yeah… it’s hard to say…it’s really hard to say…”

“It’s like, on the one hand, we have to re-crawl the content… like if you make significant changes on your website, we have to re-crawl that.

And to re-crawl that across a larger site — that can take a bit of time, especially if you make bigger changes like across everything if you change the structure of your website.

I would assume something like that, just purely from a technical point of view would take… I don’t know… maybe a month.”

“And for understanding the quality changes overall, I would see that as something where it probably takes a few months on our side to actually understand that this website has significantly changed.

So not something that you can fix in a week. It’s probably more like… I don’t know… three, four months, something like that, if you make significant quality changes.”

Microsoft Advertising’s New Rollout & More Digital Marketing News

Microsoft Advertising Introduces Auto-applied Ad Suggestions:

This new feature will use variations of existing ad copy and targeting to auto-generate ads for ad groups in Microsoft Advertising accounts. Anyone who wishes to opt-out of the feature can do so in the account settings tab.

Instagram Will Allow Story Drafts:

Instagram will soon launch story drafts so users can save stories before posting them live, allowing social media managers to ensure stories are posted at the optimal time for their audience or event.

Google Ads Clarifies First-Party Data Requirements:

Subdomains, country TLDs, and vanity URLs owned by the same company would be considered a first-party context.

Microsoft Introduces Responsive Ad Unit for Car Sales:

Automotive ads, currently in open beta, can display in the Bing search results or the Microsoft Advertising Network. These ads utilize a keyword-less campaign structure and use the product information provided by the advertiser to match to relevant queries.

Why SEO Matters for Law Firms

Some SEO benefits for Law Firms include the following:

  • Outranking their local competition, improving click-through to their website.
  • Driving more phone calls through Google My Business and other local listings.
  • Generating new traffic through high-quality localized content.
  • Collecting more positive client reviews to improve their online reputation.
  • Attracting high-volume traffic and leads on autopilot.
  • Turning existing and new site traffic into leads (phone calls and form fills).
  • Solidifying their law firm as a reputable authority in their niche.

The benefits of law firm SEO go far beyond traffic and lead generation. Law firms can solidify themselves as absolute powerhouses in their niche.

Google Local Search Trends With COVID-19

Here are some highlights of these trends:

  • Searches for “local” + “business(es)” have grown by more than 80% year over year, including searches like “local businesses near me” and “support local businesses.”
  • Fifty-seven percent of dining consumers said they discovered food and beverage information during the pandemic via online ads.
  • Searches on Google Maps for “curbside pickup” have increased nearly 9000% year over year in the U.S.

Google People Also Search For With Local Businesses Maps

Google is now able to show in the “people also search for” query refinement feature local business listings and map results.

Google My Business: Phone Numbers Not Allowed In Google Posts

Google has posted a new content policy within its Google Posts help documents that specifically disallows businesses to add phone numbers in the content of their Google Posts. Google Posts show up on your local knowledge panel in Google Search and you can share messages with customers that way. But you can no longer share a message and include your phone number in that Google Post. This new policy is referred to as “Phone Stuffing.”

SEOs Rejoice: Google Search Console Gains Regular Expressions & More Data Filters

Google said it added regular expressions, or regex – which is an advanced way of doing complex filtering and find/replace techniques. Google said, “this will help you create more complex query and page-based filters and answer more questions that interest them.”

The Google Search Console performance report comparison mode now fully supports cases where more than a single metric is selected.

Google has improved the interface to make it easier to view those results side-by-side, almost doubling the area available for the data table.

Google’s John Mueller: Changing Dates on Pages Won’t Improve Rankings

Google’s John Mueller advises that changing publishing dates on web pages will not improve search rankings if no significant changes were made to the content. Mueller’s advice applies to changing publishing dates on any type of web page. He recommends updating dates only when making significant changes to the content.