Scranton, Pennsylvania, is probably best known as the setting for the NBC sitcom “The Office.” But Scranton has a rich history that many might not know about. It’s the sixth-largest city in the state and is considered the geographic and cultural center of the Lackawanna River valley. A former coal-mining town, Scranton was also big in the iron and steel industry. Without the steel from Scranton’s mills, the railroad industry wouldn’t have kept humming all those years.  An industrial town through and through, the Electric City got its nickname when electric lights were introduced at the Dickson Locomotive Works in 1890. It’s this innovative spirit that makes Scranton digital marketing agency ENX2 Marketing proud to call Scranton our home.

It’s tough getting ahead in today’s business world. Things move so rapidly it can make an entrepreneur’s head spin. In order to survive, the traditional methods are just not going to cut it. You need a solid web presence, a strong social media profile, and a high ranking on Google. 

To do all these things on your own without understanding the ins and outs of the online marketing industry can be rather difficult. You’re a business owner–you should be concerned more about giving your clients the best service available, not worrying about who posted on your business’ Facebook feed.

What you need is a Scranton digital marketing company that can help you get ahead, without worrying about the process. But there’s a lot of competition out there, everyone vying for your attention. How can you decide?

Digital Marketing in Scranton You Can Count On

We understand your dilemma. Here’s how you know you chose the right digital marketing team in Scranton when you hire ENX2 Marketing:

  • We’re from the area — The ENX2 team has spent the majority of their lives in Northeastern Pennsylvania. We know this area and how to message its citizens. No outsourcing here!
  • We have the experience — We have years of experience in digital marketing in Scranton. Not only do we have the degrees, but we’ve worked with some of the top lawyers in the country with positive results. If we can do that for them, we can do it for you.
  • We have the passion –We love what we do! What drives us is success, and in order for us to be successful, you have to be successful. You will never find a team of individuals who will work harder for you than our staff.
  • We are always available to you — Our clients always come first. Instead of submitting a ticket and hoping your problem gets resolved, you will always be able to talk to our team. Within hours, you will see your problem fixed. We will keep you updated with the process and make sure you know exactly what’s going on.

If you are in need of digital marketing in Scranton, get the team that will get the job done. Contact Scranton digital marketing agency ENX2 Marketing today to schedule a site audit.