By now, we all know his name. It’s Alexander Hamilton and he didn’t throw away his shot.

The success of the Broadway musical “Hamilton” is truly amazing. The genius of Lin-Manuel Miranda’s masterpiece is undeniable – the musical is a history lesson set to a hip-hop soundtrack. It’s both a step forward for Broadway as well as a nod to the musicals that came before it. The musical has received rave reviews and received several accolades, including a Pulitzer and, just this past week, 11 Tonys.

And it’s an amazing show. At least, that’s what everyone who spent thousands of dollars to purchase a reseller ticket says.

Thanks to the success of “Hamilton,” Broadway has become the talk of the town once again. And just when Broadway needs a hit the most. According to the New York Times, despite “Hamilton’s” monstrous success, Broadway’s last season was actually sort of a flop: Ticket sales have declined and of the 72 productions that opened last season, the majority of new productions have closed down.

We all know that “Hamilton” is not your mom’s musical, but what many don’t recognize is how it’s winning in the marketing game. And it’s a marketing plan that we can all learn from.

For instance, the show’s social media presence is something every business should be modeled after. Miranda tweets up to 20 times a day and takes the time to interact with his followers. Can you say your business does the same thing? With his “Ham4Ham” podcast, backstage videos, and Q&A sessions, the show’s creators and cast are constantly engaging their audience so fans of the show feel like the cast members are their BFFs.

The marketing efforts don’t stop there. The musical has been sold out for months; even the new block of tickets that were released on Sunday night is already gone. Yet each day, the show holds a ticket lottery where 21 lucky people can win a front row ticket for only $10. Can you imagine winning the hottest ticket in town for a mere $10?

And the cast is always, ALWAYS promoting the show. They rave about the show, about their cast, and about Miranda’s lyrical prowess. Can you say that your employees are doing the same? And if you said no, why not? As “Hamilton” proves, your employees are your loudest supporters and they should be out there promoting your product.

A cultural phenomenon doesn’t happen often. So when it does happen, it’s hard to ignore it. But keep in mind: No matter how great a product is, you still need great marketing to help your company rise up. Don’t throw away your shot.

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