Whether you are a young lawyer just starting out, an entrepreneur dipping your toes into the business world, or even a digital marketing spokesperson–protecting your online reputation is HUGE. No, we’re not just talking about those red solo cups in college pictures. There are a lot of factors that go into brand preservation that you can control, and some you’ll need to be proactive (and reactive) to. Read on to learn how you can protect your online reputation!

#1. Think twice before posting.

My grandma has this saying, “Opinions are like….a**holes… Everybody has one.” (Classy lady, she is.) But what she is saying is true! We all have life experiences that shape our outlook on current events, politics, religion, and even entertainment! So before you go posting that political tirade on Facebook or submitting that “thought-provoking” tweet, really consider what you’re saying to the greater world.

Remember, the internet may have some of your friends on it, but it also has a lot of foes. So while you may not mean harm by your comments, it may not be universally read that way.

Think about all the celebrities we’ve canceled in the last few months and years! From Morgan Wallen to Lea Michele, Ellen DeGeneres to J.K. Rowling–all of these people made some pretty big “YIKES” moments in the last year, and the internet did not forgive, and certainly did not forget.

But that’s how the world wide web operates. So, remember that before you fall into the latest string of cancel culture.

#2. Fight the bad content away.

The internet is full of trolls, and sometimes the only way to win is to fight back. But that doesn’t mean getting into a Twitter war with a 16-year-old. No. Fight that bad content away! As a professional presence, no matter your industry, you need to take steps to protect the online presence and community you’ve created.

Instead, you can request content to be deleted (if you don’t have the ability to do it yourself) or report the image or post. If all else fails and that incriminating photo won’t go away, you can always bury it. How?

#3. Bury the bad.

If the person who made the post won’t delete their content, or even the Google Mega-Lords won’t help you, you can try to bury the content.

You do this by uploading content and photos on your website (or start by making your own website). Then, upload digital content on social media that has higher ranking potential. Eventually, your name will only be associated with the good, not the bad.

#4. Use SEO for good–not evil.

Tabloids and smear campaigns are not just public enemy number one–they also tend to be webmasters with an understanding of SEO. But chances are if you’re here, you know the value of good SEO and what it can do with your personal brand.

This means doing your best to promote positive news stories, blogs, and pieces of content that appear when you or your company are searched on Google.

Better yet, make this the start of your content marketing strategy where you post quality content frequently–remember, a good blog once a week is going to rank better than mediocre content every day.

#5. Be the best you, starting NOW.

Your personal brand starts way before you become a public figure in any industry. That means you need to work ahead now at creating an image and brand you’ll be proud of.

But maybe you’ve made some mistakes and you need some help with a rebrand. Luckily, we have a team for that.

At ENX2 Marketing, we can take your uh-oh moments and make them shine, perfect for keeping your online reputation pristine. Our team will work on rebranding your image, building your online presence via SEO and social media marketing, and we’ll work with you to achieve your goals. Get ready to rise above with the nationwide digital marketing professionals at ENX2 Marketing–call our agency today for more information.