Company Name: Law Offices of Anthony Carbone
Needs: Website Development, Content Marketing, PPC Campaigns, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Law Directory Management, Video Creation, Print Advertising, Public Relations

A solo legal practitioner in Jersey City, New Jersey, Attorney Anthony Carbone had hired a marketing company that was failing to deliver on its promises. His website design had several coding issues and was not mobile nor SEO friendly. Content on his site was only being added or updated upon pressure from the client, which was affecting his SEO. The content on his site was not being optimized correctly for search engines.

When first hired in 2013, ENX2 began with Attorney Carbone’s content. We rewrote all the pages to be optimized for search engines. In addition to managing his social media and posting blogs daily, ENX2 began work on a new responsive web design. Within three years, Attorney Carbone had seen a significant increase in his practice with many people talking about his practice. His website was listed high in the search engine rankings and continues to rise as time progresses.


Custom Design, Responsive Design, WordPress CMS, Content Creation

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