Today is Tuesday, October 16th, 2018. It is also National Boss’ Day! It’s a day to show some appreciation to the person in charge. Whether it’s your boss, supervisor, leader, or in our case, our CEO, Nicole Farber, today is a day to show them some extra appreciation!

Forbes once wrote an article, titled “7 Things That Make Great Bosses Unforgettable”, which inspired me to write a blog for the occasion. I utilized their concept topics and focused them on my CEO, Nicole Farber.

“Great bosses are passionate.”

Passionate is a strong word to describe Nicole, yet she is so much more than that. While she loves what she does, she encourages and promotes the ENX2 Crew to be just as engaged in positive work ethic and amazing results for each and every one of our clients. Nicole puts her whole heart and mind into what she does, whether for her family, her team, or her work.

“They stand in front of the bus.”

All too often a boss can crumble under the pressure of an imperfect result and blame it on the team. This is NEVER the case at ENX2. Nicole has a strong work ethic and set thorough and attainable expectations for her team. So, for example, if a new client didn’t love a first mockup of what their new website will look like, Nicole finds a way to learn from the client’s concerns and teach the team to be better prepared to match each client’s needs. When it comes to responsibility, Nicole never hesitates to take responsibility for all the work her team does, and a leader who will stand behind a team they believe in is the best way to see the best results come out of any project.

“They play chess not checkers.”

Personally, I would immediately think “Nicole doesn’t play games!” but upon reviewing the concept from the article, it’s not about games, but about the approach and tactics needed to succeed. In that regard, Nicole is always thinking ahead, finding new and innovative ways to remain on top of everything she can do to be her best. She does this for both her clients as well as for her team. A real leader knows the strengths and weaknesses of each of her team members, utilizing their skills to get the best results. Knowing the most about a team she can trust and making decisions that will improve their work on an individual level will only improve the overall success of the company.

“They are who they are, all the time.”

This area needs almost no follow-up, it’s completely accurate about Nicole. Transparency is key with Nicole’s approach, and she reciprocates that with her team and her clients. There is such strength in honesty, and when you have motives and morals like Nicole, honesty and accuracy isn’t something that needs to be added into any conversation, it’s as natural as breathing.

“They are a port in a storm.”

Being in charge of a company that is growing so quickly and having such a positive impact is an amazing privilege, however, a privilege like that is never as easy as it looks! It took a lot of difficult decisions, changes, losses, and immense amounts of pressure to get to this point and Nicole has done so with grace and calmness that very few people truly possess.

“They are human.”

When it comes to this concept, being human is the last way I would describe my CEO. She endures so much and gives so much of herself to everyone in her life that sometimes, it can be hard to imagine that she isn’t superhuman. However, she is very human in the sense that she can relate and understand the work and lifestyles of her team, keeping us all focused and feeling genuinely appreciated.

“They are humble.”

This is the most relevant concept I have seen in regard to Nicole. Being humble is a gift that so few people show, and to see someone in a powerful, leadership role with such humility, it’s infectious. The way she has worked so hard for the life she has. From the company, family and friends, and everything else in her life, she truly has always remained humble. The most common phrase I have heard Nicole say aloud or send through text and email is “I’m so blessed.” Second only to “My team is the best.”

I’m sorry this post was a bit long, but I am not sorry for being able to take a moment to brag about my boss of Boss’ Day. Nicole goes above and beyond for her clients, family, friends, and this amazing team. All of the ENX2 Crew really appreciates everything she does for us every day, no matter how big or small of a deal it may seem at the time. She is helping us to each become more like her, and I would have to say that’s the best thing any boss can do.