At the very southeastern tip of the United States, you can find the city of Miami, Florida. Known for its tropical climate, its Cuban population, and its trendsetting nightlife, Miami is home to the rich and the glamorous. Nicknamed the “Capital of Latin America,” it’s the second largest city in the nation with a Spanish-speaking majority. The Cruise Capital of the World is also home to the largest concentration of international banks in the US, as well as many of the world’s companies.

Of the 15 Fortune 500 companies that call Florida home, seven are located in the Miami/South Florida region. And as we all know, in today’s highly competitive world, it can be hard to play with the big boys. Especially when you are a small business just trying to survive. In order to succeed in a city like Miami, you need your business to shine, especially online. But you can’t do it alone – you’re going to need help.

The only way to get ahead these days is to have a great website, a solid marketing plan, and an online presence that can’t be beaten. But who has the time to deal with marketing? What you need is a good marketing team to help promote your image across South Florida. And that’s why there’s ENX2 Marketing.

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