In a world filled with uncertainty and unrest, many of us are looking for ways we can give back to our community while remaining safe and following the health restrictions in place during the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you want to give back to your hometown, community or state, check out these projects and donations you can do right now, from the comfort of your home!

No-Sew, No Problem.

Calling all crafters! If you have fabric left over from projects of the past, we have a great way you can use it while supporting local medical facilities. Jo-Ann Fabrics and Crafts has called to crafters to put their sewing skills to work, with these DIY face masks.

However, if you want to give back, or just make a face mask for a loved one who is without, but certainly in need, check out this no-sew mask from blogger Japanese Creations.

Give Back, Give Green

If crafting isn’t your thing, but you have some extra cash, consider donating to a worthy cause. 

Charity Navigator has compiled a list of organizations collecting donations for COVID-19 relief that are trusted and reputable. 

Support Your Local Businesses During COVID-19 Pandemic

At ENX2, we’re all about giving back to our local community. Even though you must follow government mandates about staying in place, many restaurants are still offering taking out orders and pick-up.

You may also have local boutiques you love to shop at. Check out their social media to see if they are doing any e-commerce efforts that allow you to continue to shop. You can also buy gift cards for your favorite places so when this ends, as it will, you can support them!

And don’t forget, there is power in your voice! Share your favorite restaurant’s Facebook posts, your favorite small businesses’ new hours, and just be a social media advocate. If you see misinformation online, report it!

Stay Positive

There is so much negativity in the world right now. Be a ray of sunshine when you can! Whether it’s an inspirational social media post (kind of like what we do here) or a funny video, brighten someone’s day. You never know how much they need it.

Flatten the Curve – COVID-19

We often think that by giving back, we have to physically give or do something. But, the biggest thing you can do right now for your community and your loved ones is flattening the curve!


First and foremost, follow the guidelines as prescribed by the governor. We are social distancing and staying in place. So, don’t hang out in common areas — don’t chill in Walmart because it’s something to do. Be resourceful and considerate. Here are some tips!

  • Limit grocery shopping and go alone if possible. Please do not panic buy. There will be enough for everyone–even toilet paper.
  • If you are able to work from home, work from home. If you are an essential employee, do your best to maintain a six-foot distance. Our medical workers and first responders need us to follow the rules.
  • Only be with the people you live with.
  • Wash your hands
  • Sanitize

Times are scary and uneasy right now. But we have to stick together! We will get through this. And if you need something that our team can provide, reach out to us–we want to help!