So your law firm is finally on social media. You’ve promoted your page and you’ve gotten a good-sized audience. Now…what are you going to say to them? Just look at that blinking cursor, mocking you. You finally come up with perfect message. And yet, the reach on the post only made it to five people. Five people! Why?

This has always been the hardest part of any type of marketing promotion — the words needed to attract clientele through your doors. Even with the most carefully composed prose you may not get the response you want. This can be harder to do for a law firm than for a regular business. Many people have a stereotype in mind when they think of lawyers. You know the one: The ambulance-chasing, slick-talking lawyer who is more interested in the client’s money than the client.

So how can you get the attention your posts need? You can always pay for attention. But we have a better solution that doesn’t require much money.

It’s very simple…you need to get personal.

We’ve all been led to believe that whenever you represent a company in any form of media, you must be professional and keep the company message. But social media is different. It’s basically a huge online party. Your followers are following your page because of you, not necessarily because of your business. So whenever you write a stiff, boring post about how you protect the rights of your clients so call now, you’re not going to get anyone’s attention. However, if you write a post about how your team member just won an impressive award, watch those reach numbers go up!

We’re social animals and let’s face it, we like to hear about other’s successes and failures. And remember, social media is a place where people share news about a celebrity passing, give commentary on the latest news scandal, and make fun of Donald Trump’s hairpiece. Trying to write the same copy you would use in a press release or legal article is just not going to cut it. So get a little personal with your audience. Congratulate a staff member for their fifth year anniversary at your law firm. Wish everyone a happy holiday. Do a #TBT picture of you graduating from law school.

But of course, there is a fine line you need to tread when posting on social media. You don’t want to get too personal. Remember that social media has a dark side and anything you post can come back to haunt you in the future. For instance, you don’t want to post photos from your latest vacation on your business page. Some things are just best left for your own account.

Still not sure about posting? Let us give you a helping hand. ENX2 Marketing has years of experience with social media marketing and we know just what your social media needs. Give us a call or contact us today for a free 20-minute consultation.