As a lawyer, you might not see the worth in social media for marketing your practice. After all, isn’t social media just filled with cat videos, teenage selfies, and photos of someone’s dinner? But there’s potential in social media marketing that you may not have ever guessed.

For instance, did you know:

It’s easy to overlook the potential social media marketing has for your firm, especially now that both Twitter and Facebook are using algorithms to show only certain accounts to followers. And let’s admit it….what can you possibly say on social media to gain a following? Although you love the law, you know many people out there don’t share your passion. Plus, it’s a daily commitment — miss one day and you may lose a follower or two.

At ENX2 Marketing, this is an issue we understand fully. Coming up with what to say is the hardest part of any marketing effort. But instead of using social media as another advertising platform, have you ever thought of using it as an online voice for your law firm? Consider it a soapbox where you can give opinions about a legal matter. Or a virtual press release engine where your audience can learn about your accolades, your latest victories, or even show off a review or two. It can also be a new way for other lawyers to contact you about a referral case without going through a secretary.

If you’re still stuck on what to say, maybe you should get someone who does. ENX2 Marketing has been handling social media accounts for lawyers for many years. We’ve spoken at great lengths about it and know just what you need to get people to start listening to you. Why don’t you contact us today and see what we can do for you?