It’s a question that we get often from our clients: Exactly how much should I be spending on PPC campaigns? It’s a valid question and one that law firms should pay attention to.

Whenever you start a PPC campaign, one of the most important questions you need to answer is how much you are willing to spend on your ads. You need a specific budget so when you hit that amount, the ad will stop running so it doesn’t cost you more money. As we mentioned in our last blog, pay-per-click ads are just that – you pay every time that a consumer clicks on your ad. So you need to set a realistic budget before even beginning a campaign.

But there’s so much more to it than the price to play. For instance – how many keywords are you planning to go after? And how expensive are those keywords? Unfortunately, legal keywords are the most expensive out there. Just the words “personal injury lawyer” can cost you up to $100+ depending on location. That’s per click, by the way. So sometimes, you get a better ROI on a lesser used keyword than you would on a popular keyword so you have to know your audience.

And keep in mind, you may have gotten a great spot for a decent value but PPC is an auction. Just like when you want that special item from eBay, you’re going to have to watch your ads like a hawk to make sure you’re not outbidded at the last second. And if you are, you’re going to have to increase the amount for your ad. And we’re not even getting into the fees it cost to set up these ads!

So yeah, as you might imagine, PPC can be expensive. A couple hundred really isn’t going to cut it and be prepared to know that it can run you into the thousands very easily.

So is it worth it? If you have the right team handling your ads, absolutely. This is not a job for an intern or a random employee or someone just trying them out. You need an expert who knows the game. Especially when your hard earned money is on the line and you need to see ROI.  And if that expert knows what he/she is doing, you can see great results. Ever wonder why you see your big competitors always at the top running ads? It is because they are getting a return and they can afford to run them.  It works. Sometimes you hear someone say – well they have the budget to it and we can never do that kind of adspend.  One thing for sure is that if you don’t take the risk and with the right specialists – you cannot reap the reward.

Here’s an example: A law firm wants an increase in personal injury clients and decides the best way to do it is through a PPC campaign. Picking out the best keywords and selecting a landing page with the best content, the firm sets a budget of $5,000 a month.  If this firm gets at least one client with a legitimate injury claim that could go for tens of thousands, that’s totally worth the amount spent.  In all honesty, over a 3-6 month campaign, the law firm will most likely be seeing multiple cases with better quality as well and this is when the firm decides to increase budget which in turn increases ROI and the story goes on. It brings us back to mentioning about the top competitors running ads continuously. It works.

But as we said, you need a good team to handle your PPC and that’s what we do. So contact ENX2 Marketing now for a free consultation.