Anyone’s law firm that has a business page on Facebook knows that something has changed in the last couple of years. We’ve all seen our organic reach plummet, where posts that usually got more than 100 or 200 reach are now only being seen by a handful of people. In order for people to even look at your page, you need to spend money with boosted posts and classic advertising. What happened? Why such crappy organic reach?

You can thank the new Facebook algorithm for that one. Facebook has recently changed its algorithm, now favoring personal posts over any news stories. The purpose is to make Facebook what it once was – a place where friends and family can connect and learn about each other’s lives. This also means that businesses who use Facebook as a promotion tool will barely see any type of organic reach.

Hey, we’ve all seen this coming. According to SocialFlow, organic reach for Facebook pages has dropped 42 percent from January to May, a number that will surely increase with the algorithm change. In fact, if you even glance at the insights of your page, you’ve seen how the organic numbers have steadily declined.

As we’ve said before, Facebook is a business, just like your law firm. And this means in order to promote your content, you need to fork over some cash. And with the majority of adults using social media as a news source, it is still worth spending the money.

You may not think it’s not worth it to have a Facebook page anymore but that’s far from the truth. Remember, it’s good for your SEO. But to get your posts noticed, you just need to play the game differently. You can’t rely on organic reach anymore. In fact, let’s pretend organic reach doesn’t even exist for the moment. What you need to do is the following:

  • Spend money. We know, no one likes to spend money — especially when it comes to promoting on a free platform like Facebook. But it’s still cheaper than any other media out there. Just throwing down $20 for a boosted post for one day, you can reach almost 7,000 people. That’s 7,000 possible clients! You need to add social media to your marketing budget.
  • Spread it around. Don’t rely on Facebook as your only promotional online source. It may be the biggest network, but it’s not the only one. There’s Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Vine, Periscope, Google Plus (yeah, it’s still around), LinkedIn, Tumblr, Pinterest, Reddit…heck, even MySpace is still around! Check out tomorrow’s blog for more info on what to do with these networks.
  • Be engaging. You know this one already. The more time you spend on engaging posts, the better your reach is going to be. Take a page for the newspaper business, no pun intended. You need to draw your audience in and the best way to do that is with a catchy headline, or post in this case, and a dynamic photo that just begs for people to stop and stare.

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