Once upon a time, in a time far, far away, if a law firm wanted to get its name out to the masses, there were a few options. There was the print media, where you could post an ad in the local newspaper or write an opinion piece, or, if you were one of the lucky ones, have a great sound bite on a case or legal matter. There were billboards that covered the highways and byways, advertising the aggressiveness of your friendly neighborhood lawyer. They would get in front of the camera and read off a script to be broadcasted through television sets through the land. But the best way was always through word of mouth – using your network to get some great contacts which led to some great clients. Referrals were king!

And then the internet came along and things began to slowly evolve. Lawyers found that they had multiple channels to reach potential clients and not just through the newspaper or broadcast. Social media and websites and online advertising, oh my! And although many lawyers put up a website to stay relevant, they still insisted the best clients came through word of mouth. It’s who you know.

Of course, these lawyers never thought a pandemic would take away the referral process. So what is a lawyer to do?

Maybe, digital marketing?

Law Firms Leaning on Legal Marketing Teams

With a raging pandemic closing physical locations across the nation, attorneys saw a drop in new clients. According to a recent Law360 article, many law firms are facing declines in new litigation matters, which is now creating a need for new and creative ways for business opportunities. That means firing up the old computer and getting virtual.

But many lawyers are still resistant to digital marketing. They either don’t understand or don’t want to understand it. So they’re leaning heavily on those that do know…like, I don’t know, me? 

It’s All in the Numbers

Digital marketing has always had one advantage over traditional – data. A lot of data. All kinds of data. And that data will save the day.

Analytical tools like Google Analytics can tell you everything you need to know about who is visiting your website, how long they’re on it, what they’re doing, and what they aren’t doing. And marketers have been looking at this data for decades to analyze how and who their message is reaching the users. And we can use this data to zone in on your potential client and figure out what will make them click that little button that brings up your phone number.

So How Does It Help Lawyers Get New Clients?

This data helps us formulate a marketing strategy. It tells us that maybe this page on personal injury litigation has people jumping right off it so maybe that text needs to be fixed up a bit. Or this blog on IRS disputes is doing so well that three people filled out the contact form, so you should really do more blogs like that, right?

Here, let me give you an example. Let’s say you’re a family lawyer who handles domestic abuse cases. You want to reach that specific part of the population who is living in constant fear of their partner’s rage. Previously, you may have left a few brochures around at the local shelters and doctors’ offices. But you can’t do that now. How do you reach those victims?

Well, let’s take a look at your marketing:

  • Is your website up to date with pages and blogs aimed toward those victims?      
  • Is your website listed on local domestic violence resource directories?
  • Are you a part of any Facebook or LinkedIn Groups dedicated to domestic violence victims?
  • Do you have “domestic violence attorney” in your Google My Business categories?
  • Are you running PPC on specific key terms?

And so, so much more. I’m just scratching the surface here! 

Virtual Can Equal Personal. With the Right Legal Marketing

Yes, the digital world is still strange even after all these years. And as a lawyer, you may have resisted it because you got all your clients through word of mouth and referrals. But brothers and sisters, the times have changed.

Digital marketing allows you to create the content your client is looking for, to give them the call to action that will get them to pick up the phone or submit a contact form. And if you don’t listen to your digital marketing team, you’re going to have a problem, especially since COVID is not disappearing any time soon.

So, why don’t you give ENX2 Marketing a call? We’ve helped attorneys across the world with their digital marketing so we know what we’re talking about. Contact our legal marketing experts today!