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Analytics Data is a Critical Component of Any Good Marketing Strategy

Did your site go down in rankings? Then our SEO specialists will offer suggestions to raise the ranking. Are your conversions just not there? We’ll give you our reasoning why and how we plan to fix the solution.

It’s an essential part of marketing — the results of your marketing efforts. No marketing campaign is complete without knowing what the outcome is going to be. This is true for all types of marketing, traditional and digital. How else will you know that your plan was a success without knowing how the audience reacted?

At ENX2 Marketing, we live and breathe marketing analytics. Every day we spend hours reviewing yesterday’s numbers and determining what we did right and what needs work. And these results are not kept to ourselves — we firmly believe that you need to see where your money is going. When you hire ENX2 for your digital marketing, what you get is timely reports on what was done across all media platforms, any pages or SEO performed on your website, and then a breakdown of the marketing analytics. This will give you a complete picture of what is happening with your digital marketing and where exactly your money is going.

How Do You Know If Your Marketing is Working Without Analytics?

We’ve learned that not many marketing companies show their work to the customer. Either they believe the customer wouldn’t understand it or feel the customer doesn’t need to know what goes on behind the scenes, we’re not sure of the answer. But we believe that you have every right to see where your money is going. The results we show are never manipulated to make it look like your site is more successful than it truly is. Not only do we show you the analytics and break them down for you to understand, but we use analytics to make your site better. Did your site go down in rankings? Then our SEO specialist will offer suggestions to raise the ranking. Your bounce rate and conversions just not there? We’ll give you our reasoning why and how we plan to fix the solution.

What You Can Expect to See in Our Analytical Reports

In your first initial meeting with us, we will give you a comprehensive report on your website. In this report, we’ll not only show you the problems that need to be resolved but how your website is ranking compared to your competitors.

After this initial meeting and if you decide to hire us, then we get to work, making sure your website is completely optimized. In addition to our SEO and design work, we will put the proper marketing analytics in place to track how your website is fairing with your clients. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Setting up filters in Google Analytics to get a true idea of who is visiting your site every week
  • Creating goal conversions
  • Setting up and analyzing call tracking methods
  • PPC advertising tracking

These measurements will be compiled in a weekly report that will be simple and easy for even someone without any tech knowledge to understand.

If you are in the market for a digital marketing agency who stands by its work, don’t wait. Contact ENX2 Marketing today and see your business on the rise.


If you’re not utilizing your analytics data, you could be missing out on big ROI opportunities. Let the experts at ENX2 Marketing review your analytics data today, and together we can build a better marketing strategy for your firm.

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