Ahhhh, the fun part of legal marketing. We’re not talking about graphic design or content creation — no, we’re speaking about the results of your hard work.

You may have been one of those kids in school who despised anything that had to do with numbers. Just the thought of raw, analytical data makes you break out to a cold sweat even today. But if you breathe through the pain, you will be surprised what you can learn from that sheet of numbers. For instance, did you know through the use of analytics:

  • You can see who is coming to your website, from what location, and what age group
  • How they are reaching your website (through social media, for example)
  • How long a person stayed on your website and
  • Whether or not they did something while at your website (such as fill out the contact form)

It’s all right there in the numbers. Analytics is an essential component to marketing. With the help of analytics, you will be able to see where exactly you’re getting your clients from you, what’s working on your website, and what isn’t. For instance — let’s say you’re a personal injury lawyer and you want to get more car accident cases. You tell your marketing crew to start promoting this practice area. The marketing team does what you ask by creating social posts on car accidents, doing PPC campaigns, and writing content on car accidents. But nothing’s happening. There are no new car accident clients coming through the doors. What gives?

Well, if you sit down and check the analytics, you might see that people are going to your website not for your car accident content, but for workers’ compensation claims. Or you learn that the people who do go to your car accident page only stay for a few seconds. Why? What’s going on with that page? If your marketing company has been paying attention to these numbers, then some action would have changed on the website. However, since no one looked or care to act on the analytics, your marketing company just cost you money.

It’s a sad fact is that not many marketers use this tool to improve their content. Or, if they do use the tool, they don’t share it with their clients. But why? There could be several reasons. Maybe they feel you wouldn’t understand. Or perhaps they are trying to hide something from you. Whatever the case may be, we at ENX2 Marketing feel this is wrong. We spent years learning the truth behind the numbers and how they can dictate how we handle your marketing. And yes, we believe that the client needs to know what’s going on. That’s why we give weekly reports to our clients, outlining the highs and the lows of digital marketing that week. Now ask yourself — does your marketing company do that for you?

If you want to know more about analytics or have a marketing company tell you what’s really going on with your digital marketing, then look no further. Contact ENX2 Marketing today for a free consultation.