website-design-enx2-marketingIn our last blog, we talked about how to really make your website design shine in order to grab the attention of potential clients. But what about the mistakes? Here’s a few don’ts to keep in mind when you start your website design:

  • DON’T overload your page. Images are a great way to show of products. But when you place a ton of images, videos, and other media on one page, no only will it make your website design look cluttered and disorganized, but it will slow down the load time of your site. This is bad for SEO purposes. The slower your website, the less likely people will stay on the site. The same can be said for text — even though a text-filled page won’t slow your website down as much as images or video, a huge block of text to read through is very uninviting to your visitor.
  • DON’T forget about social media. If you have a Facebook or a Twitter account, which you most likely should, make sure there are links to them on your website. You want your customers to connect with you on social media so they are aware of any changes your business may have, say a new product or a discount exclusive to your social media followers. And the best way to do this is to go through your website.
  • DON’T exclude navigation. Your customers will need a map to navigate the entire website. Without it, you’d be lost.  That’s why you should have a navigation menu somewhere on your site, perhaps more than one. Make sure all your important pages can be found through this menu.  It’s a simple thing to remember, but a vital one for making sure customers can find everything they’re looking for in a flash.

Just remember, you may not be a professional web designer, but with the right template and keeping these tips in mind, you can really make a terrific-looking website. And if you get stuck, that’s ok! That’s why we’re here. Contact us today for a free consultation, and start to benefit from our great legal marketing services.