People say never judge a book by its cover — but does anyone really follow that advice?  Those who do are few and far between. In this analogy, your company is the book and your website is the cover.  Whether you like it or not, first impressions mean everything in the marketing world. And your customers’ first impression of your business will be your website design.

The feeling consumers initially receive from your website’s colors, layout, content, etc. directly affects whether you can consider them a future customer. It’s true — some studies have found your customers’ psychology can affect how they react to your website design.

Whether you’re a pro designer or just a business owner with a domain name and a dream, here are some key tips to keep in mind when putting together your website design: 

  • DO keep it simple. Your website should be clutter-free and easy to navigate. Otherwise, how could you expect consumers to find what they’re looking for?  Make the most of white space, so the most important bits of content really pop out.  If choosing an intricate background, make the other elements simple and easy to read.  Without basic organization, your website is useless.  Put the spotlight on the parts that matter most, instead of trying to create a visual spectacular.  It would probably take too long to load anyway.
  • DO use images. You know what they say — a picture is worth a thousand words. It’s also more appealing to customers browsing your website.  Images and logos can also become buttons, linking you to more information.  Instead of using descriptive paragraphs about your products that no one will read, post photos that show what you’re about.  You can also use icons to represent an idea or headline a section.  Just remember that too much of anything is a bad thing (refer back to tip #1), and an overabundance of images can look sloppy and scattered.
  • DO share your “About Me”. Having a personal connection between the business and consumer is important, especially if you want a customer to return because they feel a loyalty to your company.  Bring it to a personal level – talk about the struggle of opening your restaurant, or where your ideas for new clothing pieces comes from.  Who is your social media director and what’s his/her favorite food?  What made you want to be a lawyer when you grew up?  When your consumers learn the personal details about your company, they’re more invested in it.  And that creates a terrific thing called brand loyalty.

Seems hard? Don’t worry, we can help! Contact us today and we can give your website design the boost it needs, along with great legal marketing. And don’t forget to learn about what not to do in our next blog on Thursday!