Most established companies employ marketers and designers alike – but it’s important to distinguish the difference between the two. Marketing builds interest around a particular product or service. Eventually, in a successful marketing campaign, the buying decision should feel like a no-brainer for the consumer. To build interest, marketers need to look at loads of data. Some examples would be when consumers use their social media, which of them are viewing the company’s content, and how well industry competitors are doing. 

Designers are often employed in the marketing industry because they’re crucial to creating meaningful relationships with consumers. Good design, including user interface and user experience design, is used to relate to the consumer’s feelings about the product in question. 

For example, our website was created by one of our in-house designers. So, they knew that our company’s brand was fun and personal, but professional and sleek. Our website signals to possible consumers that we are able to handle any project they need!

How Can Marketers and Designers Work Together More Effectively?

We have a good understanding of how marketers and designers work together, and we can help you understand as well. We have tips on how you can incorporate a better workflow between your marketing team and your designers. Here are a few that can help your upcoming campaigns be more successful!

Brainstorm Together

When coming up with ideas for your marketing campaign, make sure you include ideas from everyone involved with the process! Creating meaningful and successful campaigns doesn’t happen overnight. The more ideas you have, the more creative material you have to work with. Brainstorming can include word lists, sketches, mind maps, key concepts, and more.

Allowing the marketing team and the designers to brainstorm together also ensures that the campaign will be cohesive. Consistent messaging throughout a campaign and on different social media platforms shows your consumers that you’re reliable and organized.

Communication Is Key

Communication is the most important part of any marketing campaign. The marketers who analyze data and trends have to explain what they are looking for in terms of visuals. Open channels of communication allow for an iterative process that makes the designs and the copy work together seamlessly.

To make the communication process even easier, it’s a good idea to include your designers AND marketing team in meetings with clients. Sometimes, a client isn’t entirely sure what their brand’s aesthetic should be, but designers are knowledgeable about what direction to go in based on the client’s ideas and goals. This also allows the marketing team to focus solely on their target audience and the techniques they’ll be using to expand the market.

Missing Marketers or Designers? Talk to ENX2 Marketing

Not every team has a group of marketers and designers to work with. That’s where ENX2 Marketing comes in. We understand that the role of marketers is crucial to ensure that the right audience is seeing the campaign or advertisement at the right time. We understand how designers should focus on creating advertisements that cause an emotional response. Together, our team can add an extra layer of persuasion to your campaign. Don’t wait, contact ENX2 Marketing today.