We love Halloween. I mean we LOVE IT. Especially marketers. Aside from Christmas and the Super Bowl, Halloween is a special time for a variety of businesses and organizations.

Americans spent over $8 billion last year on of all the “spook-tacular” wonderfulness that is the ghoulish, candy-craved holiday (I am included in that demographic). Just imagine a company’s digital team drooling at the possibilities with those kinds of numbers being thrown around.

While you wipe away that drool and clear the images of dollar signs from your head, here are some tips you can incorporate into your digital marketing strategy for the rest of the month:

(1). “Spook-ify” your social media profiles: You don’t have to overhaul your social media accounts; just change up the color scheme on your different platforms. Think about changing your cover or profile pictures to reflect the season.

(2). Get creative with your visual content: This potential holiday strategy can be implemented throughout your entire strategic process. Visual content like GIFs, images and videos are attention grabbers and attract people much more than text and links. This type of content can make social media profiles and website “boo-tiful.”

(3). Send treat bags to dream clients: This tip is dependent entirely on your demographic. You can choose a variety of things, preferably delectable candies and chocolates, to send, along with a postcard. Make it easy for your soon-to-be client to find your website. (include a powerful call to action).

(4). Publish a Halloween-themed blog post: Finally, you can take the approach we are currently taking. No need to overhaul your social media or website doing this. A simple step-by-step approach is writing weekly blogs about scary or seasonal topics that are relatable to your business. Once you incorporate this into your strategy, your blog post will put your brand in front of new visitors this time every year. (SEO, SEO, SEO!)

Here are some examples of what businesses did during past Halloween seasons:

  • Pop-Tarts: The famous pastry brand used social media engagement as their tool. They simply asked their followers to retweet a post if they wanted to see a Halloween-themed Pop-Tart. It worked.
  • Maytag: In a television commercial, Maytag advertised their famed “Maytag Mag” as a costume idea; calling it a “dependable” costume (comparing it to their “dependable” brand).
  • Trulia: Real estate agencies aren’t your run-of-the-mill, bone-chilling horror destinations. In 2014, they set up a haunted open house for unsuspected buyers. Their goal was to see how buyers dealt with such oddities in real-life buying scenarios.

I am already a sucker for Halloween, so I’m drawn to all the nuances of what marketers have to offer. Plus, I have a ridiculous sweet tooth. You mention candy or chocolate, and I’m a customer forever.

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