Guess who’s back? Back again? Well, I may not be “Slim Shady,” but I have been blessed with the opportunity to return and join ENX2 Marketing as a full-time Digital Marketing Assistant. The experience that I gained during my internship, the great clients that we serve, as well as the amazing team at ENX2, made it easy to want to come back to ENX2. 

So that being said, how does the first day as an intern compare to the first day as a full-time employee?

What are the top 5 similarities between working at ENX2 and interning at ENX2?

#1. Welcoming Environment – This was one of the most important points that made me want to work for ENX2 officially. I am very lucky to be working with a group of individuals that are friendly, supportive, and willing to help. 

#2. Our Clients – As both an intern and employee, you are introduced to ENX2’s strong client base.

#3. First Day Nerves – Let’s face it. Most of us experience them when starting a new job or internship and with good reason. You want to make a great first impression and show that they made a solid choice choosing you to become part of the team. 

#4. Teamwork This is sort of related to the first one. Nicole Farber has worked hard to put together a team that is committed to getting the job done and working as one unit. The work ethic here is amazing. 

#5. Availability of Resources – At ENX2, there is a wealth of resources available from tutorials, services, and even online courses to help you get the task completed correctly and enhance your skills. 

What are the top 5 differences between working at ENX2 and interning at ENX2?

#1. The Position Itself – As an intern, I focused more on research and content, including social media posts and a few blog entries. As a digital marketing assistant, I will be working with Nicole on tasks, as well as doing a little bit of everything to help the team.

#2. The Office – Because of crazy times, I worked remotely throughout my entire internship. Now that things are finally headed in the direction of normal, I have a great little workspace in the office where I can physically interact with the team and work quietly. Parents working from home will definitely understand that one!

#3. Scope of Work – We worked on weekly tasks as an intern, but it was primarily an introduction to digital marketing, the company, and the clients. While I am currently getting reacquainted with the clients, I am also being introduced to new tasks that I will be taking on and the new programs that I will be utilizing. 

#4. The Daily Routine – Obviously, this makes sense with it being a completely different position, as well as being in-person vs. remote and starting as a new employee.

#5. Expectations – As an intern, you are most likely still in college and learning the different aspects of marketing. Now as an employee, you are able to take the skills that you learned from your previous experience as an intern, in addition to the information from the classroom and any other real-world experiences that you have, and use it to take your new position to the next level.

What ENX2 Team are you rooting for? Team Interns OR Team ENX2 Crew?

Wow..this one is hard. As much as I love the ENX2 Crew, I’m going to have to go with Team Interns. Here is my reasoning behind this:

Without my internship here, I might not have had the chance to gain hands-on experience in digital marketing, which reaffirmed my desire to have a career in this field. This is an opportunity for the interns to be introduced to the marketing field, get some work experience, and walk away with some new skills or maybe even a new direction for the future. If we, as part of the ENX2 Crew, can be a light and source of information and encouragement for them, then it is one hundred percent worth it. 

Who knows? Maybe from this experience, we are helping the next content writer or graphic designer grow their skills to become a new addition to the ENX2 crew like I did.