So, your company is finally online! You’ve done it all: a new website, social platforms — you’ve even come up with a unique hashtag! Having an online presence is crucial, however, you’re not going to get very far by just posting some text every now and then. You know what they say – content is king. There are so many different forms of content that you can add to your social media posts, such as branded graphics and customized links, that will boost your online presence.

And trust us, those extra steps and brand-specific details are going to make you rise above your competition.

Branded Graphics

If you’re adding graphics to your social posts, then you’re halfway there. It’s no secret that using an image helps boost your content performance; a study by Hubspot found that Facebook posts with images received 53% more likes than those without. But to be the best, you need to produce the best. And that means clear, high-resolution branded images that are relevant to your posts, meaning no more random, generic photos.

To brand your images and graphics, there are a few things you need to do. First up, include your logo! People remember logos and so by strategically placing yours in every graphic that your company produces, people are exposed to it more often, therefore making it more memorable. And that’s something that you want – brand recognition!

Branded graphics also help pull your marketing efforts together. You want your content to be cohesive, which includes using thematic images, not unedited stock photos. By crafting your graphics with the same color scheme, font, and voice, you’ll have images that are uniform and that successfully represent your brand. When your content looks good, it makes people want to share it with others, once again making your posts with graphics stand out from the rest.


To get people to your site, you need to actually provide them with a link! Before you draft your social posts, make sure your website link is available in all of your social media platforms’ bios, while also making sure that your website has links back to your social media accounts. Next, include the link to your site in your social posts! You can post all you want, but if you aren’t providing potential customers with the next step, chances are they’ll move on. And, for the love of marketing, don’t use links that are half a page long. You should always shorten and customize your URLs and brand them for your company. According to Rebrandly, custom links get 39% more click-throughs than generic ones.

By branding them for your company, people will remember where the content was from, increasing the chance that they’ll come back. If your link looks like a toddler slapped a keyboard a few times, people may even assume that it’s spam.

Now that you’ve got that step squared away, make sure to label page URLs based on what they are by updating the slug. A “slug” is the part of the URL that distinguishes different pages on your site and you don’t want it to be any old thing. For example, say that the contact page on your website is page five. You don’t want the link to be You want something that will tell customers where the link is taking them, so try something such as

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