As a recent college graduate, I can attest to the difficulty that comes with finding a job. Every communication/public relations/marketing company wants agency experience. Even with six internships in my field, I was struggling just to get the interview. In cases like these, it’s not necessarily our fault. People are hesitant to hire millennials. Whether it’s because they are afraid we need training in how to hold a full-time job or they think we lack loyalty, they are fearful of taking a chance on us when there might be someone out there who has been in the field longer.

What hiring managers are still only beginning to learn is just how valuable millennials can be for their company. Right now, there are more than 80 million millennials in the United States, which is the largest cohort size in history. Of these millennials, 77 percent of them want to make a positive impact with the work they’re doing and 28 percent believe are motivated purely by feeling accomplished as opposed to making money. These are just some simple reasons to hire millennials.

More importantly, millennials can be more productive because they are considered to be tech-savvy multi-taskers. Because of everything we’ve had access to growing up, such as social media and all of the latest technology, we can understand tech problems way more than someone of any 27 times per hour as opposed to the 17 times per hour previous generations can. I can write a blog while consistently checking the Facebook notifications we keep getting without losing focus or time.

One of the most important things we bring to the table is a new perspective. We are new to the field, so we are rooted in a routine or have an idea of how things need to be. This means we can think of new ways to improve than someone who has been doing the same job the same way for years. Whether that be new blogging ideas, new website ideas or even new company culture ideas, such as a more flexible workplace. Social media is an area we can especially help with. More than 52 percent of millennials have more than 300 Facebook friends, meaning they can help improve the company’s digital reach. Since beginning with ENX2 Marketing, I have increased social media followers for five of our clients by 50 percent in a matter of weeks.

So don’t discount what we can bring to the table. We’re quick learners and quick to please. Next time a resume pops up in your inbox, and you see a recent, or soon-to-be college grad with paid and unpaid internships, at least bring them in for an interview. Let them prove to you why you should hire them. That’s what ENX2 Marketing did for me, and it’s been a mutually beneficial relationship since.

If you need marketing help from a team that is full of new ideas, contact ENX2 Marketing today.