It’s understandable that when you’re looking for keywords to target, you want to go after the ones with the highest search volumes. If you rank highly for the terms searched the most, you have a better chance of bringing in a significant amount of traffic. However, this isn’t usually how it turns out.

These high search volume keywords can look much more appealing than keywords getting far fewer searches. This is especially true for zero search volume keywords. Terms like these that are getting very few searches might not seem like there are any benefits to them. However, while zero search volume keywords might not seem like they have enough people searching for them to be worth targeting, you can get more out of them than you might realize.

Let ENX2 Marketing explain how zero search volume keywords can be valuable to your SEO strategy.

What Are Zero Search Volume Keywords?

A zero search volume keyword is one with very few searches. When you’re searching for keywords to target, you want to make informed decisions based on several factors, including how many people are searching for these terms. Knowing how popular a term is can help you understand what your audience is looking for and what your content should be focused on.

Why Target Zero Search Volume Keywords?

If a keyword isn’t yielding many searches, you might think it’s pointless to include it in your content. However, overlooking keywords with only a small number of searches can mean missed opportunities to drive the right traffic.

Here are a few reasons to consider zero search volume keywords.

Less Competition

Everyone wants to target high search volume keywords, but in reality, few will actually rank well for them. Even when you do everything right in terms of SEO, it’s often not enough to compete against the huge businesses that dominate the SERPs. While it’s not impossible for a smaller business to do well with high search volume keywords, it shouldn’t be your only plan.

Keywords with a low search volume typically also have very little competition. This means that while you might not be able to rank well for high search volume terms, you can have much more success with low search volume keywords. As your chances of getting clicks are much lower the further down you are in the SERPs, ranking highly for a term with fewer searches can still end up driving more traffic to your website.

Target Niche Keywords

Depending on the industry you’re in, many of the keywords relevant to your business might not get many searches. In niche markets, you can’t expect all of your keywords to have high search volumes when there just aren’t very many people looking for businesses like yours to begin with. Of course, niche markets have different opportunities available.

There may be fewer people who need your businesses and services, but there are still people searching for them. Niche keywords can still be valuable if that’s what your audience is searching for. In cases like this, the people who need these keywords will still be using them, even if it’s a small number. If you know these are the relevant terms you need on your website, they could be worth using even if they don’t have many searches.

Attract the Right Audience

Although it can feel great to see a large number of users coming to your website, if they come and immediately leave without doing anything else, it’s not as beneficial as you would hope. A smaller number of users who are going to convert and become loyal to your brand are much more valuable.

Keywords with high search volumes are often very generic. Many people are searching for them just to get basic information and nothing else. However, many low search volume terms are more specific, which is why they have fewer searches. These users are more educated on the subject and closer to converting. If a keyword doesn’t have many searches, but those who do search for them are ready to convert, you get more people who aren’t simply coming to your website just to exit back out.

Keyword Tools Are Not Entirely Accurate

While it’s essential that you research the keywords you’re looking into, keyword research tools don’t provide 100% accurate data. While they are reliable, it’s difficult to get a completely correct number of searches for a keyword. The number of searches can vary between different tools, so you need to learn to use your best judgment to make the right choices.

What seems like a keyword that gets no searches might not actually get no searches. If the number isn’t entirely accurate, and more are searching for these terms than you thought, you could be missing out on a great opportunity. Even if it’s only a small difference, if it’s a potentially loyal audience, you don’t want to take that risk.

Improve Your SEO Strategy with ENX2 Marketing

Finding and knowing the best keywords to use can be complicated. It’s not as easy as picking the ones with the most searches and hoping for the best. If you want to feel confident in your SEO strategy and see a difference in your website’s performance in the SERPs, you need SEO services from ENX2 Marketing. We have an experienced team that can handle everything you need.

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