It’s no surprise that the chaos and unpredictability of COVID-19 have changed almost every aspect of life for the last year. And the legal industry is no exception. While we’ve witnessed the shift in marketing perspectives to focusing on unity and safety, what works in the commercial field is not what works in the legal marketing industry. However, that doesn’t mean that the legal world cannot borrow some of these tactics.

COVID-19 has changed the world, and that means that legal marketing must shift to new methods to reach clients. Lawyers need to turn to storytelling. And here’s how they can do it.

Elements of a Story

I may be dipping into my creative writing days, but I think there’s some value in the basics of storytelling. There are five elements to any story:

  • Characters
  • Setting
  • Plot
  • Conflict
  • Resolution

But what does that have to do with your legal marketing? Consider the following scenario. You are a personal injury attorney and the following case has hit your desk.

John Doe, a 57-year-old male, was involved in an automobile accident after a drunk and underaged driver ran through a stop sign. John sustained life-threatening injuries resulting in large medical expenses, loss of income, and now, a pending lawsuit.

We have our:

  • Character: John Doe
  • Setting: Current time, post-accident, Anywhere, USA.
  • Plot: John Doe is in a battle for his life, and his family’s finances.
  • Conflict: John Doe must go to court against a kid.
  • Resolution? That’s where you come in.

See, John’s incident is now a story you can turn around for the better. You just need to market it the right way to him, so he finds you, and gets the relief and compensation he deserves.

While obviously this may seem like the start to a commercial, or could even be a snippet of a news headline, you need to take what you know and build it into branding.

Five Ways You Can Build Your Law Firm’s Reputation and Brand With Story Telling

If you stick with me a little longer on this story idea, I want you to consider what John Doe needs, and how you’re the firm to provide him with it. See, John obviously wants a team with experience, but right now, he’s hurting both physically and financially, and he’s got a soft spot for the kid who did this to him. John doesn’t want his life ruined, he just wants the kid to learn his lesson.

John’s a complex guy and legal cases are always different. You need to consider these five ways you can appeal to John, while also making sure he knows you are the team for his case.

1 – Connect with John by connecting with others. Maybe it’s via client video testimonials, or perhaps its legal partners sharing experiences that built them into the compassionate lawyer they are today. John wants your expertise, but he also wants compassion and understanding.

2 – Deepen client relationships by being available. Sure, you want to get John’s lawsuit, but you also need to be reliable and responsive to the clients you’ve helped in the past. We often tell law firms, everyone wants to leave a negative review, so make sure you don’t give those pre-existing clients the chance to.

3 – Speak in personal terms, not in jargon. This goes not just in how you communicate with clients, but in the content you put out on your website, social media, etc. Chances are if someone is in need of a lawyer right now, they have a million other thoughts in their minds, and trust us, finding a legal dictionary to decode what you’re saying isn’t one of them.

4 – Be understanding. Whether it is a personal injury case or an employment law issue, right now, Americans are worried about their families, their livelihoods, and the overall safety of the nation. Adding a lawsuit to the mix can be too much for some to bear, so being understanding and patient is likely going to set you apart from the thousands of other law firms just pushing files to desks when they don’t have the time to deal with it. Make time. People remember that. And make that part of your story.

5 – Show how your team is adapting to the changing times. Maybe it’s offering Zoom consultations or highlighting the social distancing measures your office has taken–whatever it is, potential clients want to know how you’re adapting to the new normal so they know what to expect.

Something as simple as this method The Jones Law Firm uses to convey availability:

The Jones Law Firm Homepage

It shows clients that you are available in any format that works to their needs, while also providing contact information right at the top of the screen. It’s one simple element to your online presence that can set you apart from your competitors.

We’re all hopeful for the light at the end of the tunnel after a year of uncertainty. But if your legal marketing hasn’t changed since the onset of the COVID-19 crisis, you’re likely missing out on leads.

Turn to storytelling. It’s simple. It’s consistent. And it’s human. In an age of social distancing, a little interaction, even in virtual storytelling components, can go a long way.

Let ENX2 Marketing Tell Your Law Firm’s Story

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