The English language is filled with a variety of powerful and persuasive words. One quick Google search and you can without a doubt find hundreds to thousands of words of your choosing. However, just because a word sounds interesting doesn’t mean you should always use it. Today, we will be talking about some of the best words to use in digital content. Not all digital content, however, but those terms best specifically for social media use.

A Few of the Most Persuasive Words in the English Language

After sifting through psychological study after psychological study, I stumbled upon a few words that have been considered by many marketing experts to be some of the most persuasive in the English language:

  • You: According to research, the word “you” reveals the power of invoking yourself. It tends to get people more involved.
  • Free: This may be self-explanatory… To put it simply, people like free stuff.
  • Because: The word “because” provides the reason behind a fact or statement.
  • New: The newness of something plays an incredibly important role in activating our brain’s reward center.
  • Instantly: Several MRI studies have shown how our mid-brain gets fired up when we envision things happening instantaneously.

Leveraging the Lingo for Social Media

Now that we have an idea of what some of the most persuasive words in the English language are, let’s focus on some key buzzwords that can help your social media presence rise above the competition.

Here’s one of the most important and obvious things you will hear today: Words are essential to social media. In most cases, you have to be persuasive in your messaging, especially if you are trying to have someone interact with your content. Certain words can portray a specific persuasive message, but to use these words correctly, you are going to need to know what they mean and where to use them.

For Facebook, some of the best words to use for engagement and interaction include:

  • When
  • Deals
  • Warns
  • Comment
  • Inspires

For Twitter, some of the best buzzwords include:

  • Follow
  • Help
  • Blog
  • How
  • Retweet (Obviously!)

For LinkedIn, you may want to use some of these words to stand out:

  • Increased
  • Created
  • Developed
  • Researched
  • Improved

All of today’s social media platforms serve different functions. That is why you see a variety of words for these different platforms. I am not telling you to not use a word for Facebook on Twitter. That would be crazy! Every word has a place, you just have to use each correctly. It can make a difference in followers, retweets, page likes, comments, shares, and much more.

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Content, specifically correct word usage, is essential to the best social media practices for your business. If you are looking to shine brighter than your competition, contact the social media experts at ENX2 Marketing today!