I was asked recently by one of our usual collaborators if I had a formula I use when writing blogs and was I willing to share my secrets with her. I was surprised, flattered, and a little confused. Because I really don’t have a formula – I just look around, see what other people are saying, and then go from there.

If you’re not a writer, then this can be a pretty painful and lengthy process. You have to first come up with a topic, research that topic, come up with something witty or entertaining to say about said topic, and then actually write it down. Then you need to push that blog out into the world and cross your fingers in hopes that someone will see it, read it, and be down with it.

So with such an investment in blogging, you may be asking yourself is it really worth it? What does blogging really do for your brand? Will your website suffer without a blog?

These are questions we hear a lot from prospective clients. And our response is, yeah, blogging is a pretty big deal. And not just because it’s a means to reach your audience. Blogs should be essential in your SEO strategy, probably more so than writing new pages. Not only does a blog show that you’re an expert in your field, but can answer a searcher’s question, leading to a possible conversion. Let’s break this down point by point.

First, we all know that having quality content that is informational as well as entertaining will rank you high in the search engines. So let’s say you’re a tax attorney and your practice’s main focus is tax fraud. Although you may handle other aspects of tax law like IRS levies or audits, the majority of your website is focused on criminal fraud. But what if you want to get some clients who just owe back taxes. Sure, you can write a bunch of pages, but that might take away from your main focus. So, what about a few blogs on the topic? By focusing these blogs on back taxes, it will increase your keywords and expand your practice without taking the focus away from your main area.

Blogs can also answer some important questions users are looking for. Remember a few blogs back, I had mentioned that voice search is being used more and more often? So our tax attorney has written a blog entitled, “What to do if the IRS is knocking on your door.” And wouldn’t you know it, the IRS is knocking at your door! Crap! So what do you do? Whip out the phone and ask Siri what to do when the IRS has come a’calling. And guess who is your number one result? Hey, it’s you! All thanks to a blog post.

And leading to a possible conversion? Well, that’s obvious enough. If you can get that person to your website and show them that you’re expert in this very topic, then that searcher will want you.

There are other benefits too, such as:

  • New content means an updated website. An updated website means a higher ranking.
  • Backlinks, backlinks, backlinks. If someone uses your blog, you got an external link which helps your credibility.
  • Fresh content means fresh material for your social media posts. And everyone loves to see fresh material.

But blogging takes work and you need to be committed to it. But if you feel like you’d rather have someone else do it, hey, why don’t you contact ENX2 Marketing? We can help you out.