One of our services here at ENX2 Marketing is search engine optimization. We do it for all our clients — even the most basic stuff like titles and meta descriptions for someone who just wants a new website. We’re pretty good at what we do and we’ve had many happy clients who’ve seen their web pages that have never gone anywhere before climbing up the ranks.

However, with satisfaction comes a want of more done. And soon we’re bombarded with requests that unfortunately, we’re unable to fix. And a lot of it has to do with our clients not knowing what SEO really is and what is and isn’t possible.

So we decided to address a few myths about SEO in hopes that people can understand it a little better.

Myth 1 – You can push a bad review or article about you out of the search queries.
No, we can’t just shove away a bad review. Sure we can try to bury it, but it’s not going to disappear completely from the listings. Remember, someone is doing SEO on that article too.

Myth 2 – With the right SEO, your website is going to be number one in rankings as soon as it’s published.
If that happens to you, you MUST tell me your secret. Because it generally takes at least six months for Google to recognize your website and have it start ranking. Remember, Google has a lot of stuff to go through…there are millions of new websites being published every day on top of what’s already there. You just have to be patient and continue working on your SEO.

Myth 3 – You can just create a keyword-filled page and it will instantly rank.
No, it doesn’t happen like that. Not anymore, anyway. SEO has become more sophisticated. It’s now a mixture of content, user experience, backlinks, web design, and yes, keywords. Google is judging your writing skills and if you have a keyword three times in a sentence, it’s probably going to give your page a poor rating.

Myth 4 – Making changes on your web page will have an instantaneous result.
If your website is hooked up to Google’s Search Console, then Google is indexing your site on a constant basis. Although it might find your new page within an hour, this doesn’t mean it’s going to be showing up on the search engines right away. Even if you force Google to fetch the page, it still is going to take at least a day or two to pop up.

What I’m trying to get across is that SEO is a slow, ongoing process. The results are not always instant. No matter how impatient you are, it’s not going to move any faster for you. But if you are patient, and you have the right team working at it, you’ll soon see the results that you want.

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