Mandates are easing, masks are lifting, and vaccines are injected! It’s time to get a little bit of summer-fun normalcy, y’all! After a year of missing out on things we’ve taken for granted, the ENX2 Crew is here and ready to share their summer bucket list with you!

Laura Slocum, Bookkeeper: “Mine is to enjoy every second of the summer since it is my favorite season!”

Chris Knighton, Social Media and Content Specialist: “My three things would be to:

  • Start writing the original action fantasy web series for my website.
  • Compete the Magic the Gathering tournaments at Dragon Knight Games.
  • Figure out a third thing I plan to do this summer.”

Erika Jenkins, Social Media Marketing Assistant: “My summer bucket list:

  • TRAVEL, preferably to somewhere that requires a plane to get there;
  • Go to an amusement park, whether it be Knoebels, Six Flags, etc.; and
  • Get my boater’s license so I can legally drive a boat or a jetski.”

Joseph Boylan, COO: “My summer bucket list is a return to normal, or a return to the things I loved prior to Covid:

  • Go to a concert;
  • Go to a baseball game; and
  • Entertain friends in the backyard/cookout.”

Nicole Farber, CEO: “My summer bucket list is to:

  • Get Nick moved to college without getting lost; and
  • Make an effort to stop saying yes to things I want to say no to! (like doing Nick’s laundry 🙄) lol.
  • I have always made it a daily goal to learn something new. Some days it can be a new word or how to utilize a new platform or even how to be a strong mom when my son walked across the stage and graduated (just last week!–ok, scratch that last one – I faked being strong). But now it will be on my list to make sure I teach someone something everyday and share the knowledge.”

Logan Godfrey, Social Media Marketing Manager: “My summer bucket list: 

  • Take more weekend hiking trips, 
  • Attend bazaars and festivals, and 
  • Master the art of paddleboarding.”

Mariah Curtis, Talent Coordinator: “My three summer bucket list items are:

  • Spending time by the pool and grilling new summer recipes;
  • Going to Knoebels with my family and getting to ride rides with my niece and nephew;
  • Getting to the beach at least once!”

McKaylah DeKay, Graphic Designer: “Here are my three summer bucket list items:

  • Go to a drive in. I miss going to the one I used to live by so I really want to make an attempt to start going back to them!
  • I want to visit (and spend a ridiculous amount of money at) the new Harry Potter store that just opened up in New York City! Because…yanno I’m obsessed with my boy Harry!
  • I want to visit my friends from high school who are currently living in Ohio because I miss them a lot and I haven’t seen them in a while.”

Sarah Socha, Content Writer: “My three bucket list goals are:

  • Go to the Edwardsville Pierogi Festival (My husband loves it and I love to make the joke, ‘You’re my BUTTER half’);
  • Tend to my plant babies. I love gardening and I want my flowerbeds to really pop this year.
  • Write more. I started a blog (check out wink-wink) and I really want to get active with it and on social media!”

Katie Warnokowski, Multimedia Specialist: “I’m new to the area so my top goals are to find a new car and apartment!”

Kirsten Woodruff, Intern: “My bucket list events include eating Chickies and Pete’s, my brother’s wedding, and beach days with the family.”

Kendyll Grovatt, Intern: “My bucket list is parasailing, going to Nashville, and as many beach trips as possible.”

Jaina Lukose, Intern: “My bucket list is going to Austin, day trip to NY with my friends, and trying/cooking a new food at least once a week!”

Check in with the ENX2 Crew at the end of the summer to see if we met our goals!