10 practical ways to grow your local business with digital marketing in 2021

Social media for local business

  1. Create strong bonds with audience
  2. Make your target audience feel ‘heard’
  3. Be easier to be reached out

Local SEO for organic engagement

  1. Create a Google My Business Account
  2. Reviews, reviews, reviews
  3. Create content based on local happenings

Advertising to attract people around you

  1. Advertise with local targeting
  2. Take part in the community
  3. Build a loyalty program

Digital marketing for local business in 2021

  1. Never forget digital is an ever-changing field


Semantic search drives expanded outreach to potential customers

Semantic search enables retailers to reach a broader audience of potential consumers who are outside their traditional targeted approach.

For semantic search to be effective, websites must provide a rich landscape of relevant content for context.

Effectively influencing semantic search requires the right tools and technology to achieve results.


Google Search Console Discover performance report now includes all data

Google Discover is the new name for Google Feed and shows you topics and news items around items that interest you.

Google said, “we are now providing a single place in Search Console to see all your site’s Discover impressions and click stats, including from Chrome.” That new Discover data that Google is showing you in this Discover report is from Chrome, Google’s web browser.


Google Search Console Does Not Backfill Data

If you verify a new website in Google or your old website loses its verification for a period of time, the data where the site is not verified will likely be missing.

Google’s John Mueller said “If a site loses verification for a longer period of time, we don’t collect the data for Search Console, and we don’t back-fill it afterward. So this is, unfortunately, probably not going to show up.”


February 2021 Google Webmaster Report

Google said it won’t rank teasers in the form of web stories. Google officially dropped support for data-vocabulary.org and added support for price drop rich results. Google Search Console launched news performance reports, they also added new coverage report categories and types of crawl stats.

Google made many more algorithmic changes, changes to Search Console, conducted tests and created new features, and modified Google My Business and Local.


Google Experience Update Label Requires All Factors To Be Compliant

Google’s John Mueller said in Friday’s Google Search Central SEO hangout that if Google does launch the Page Experience Update label/indicator, for your site to show up for it, all the requirements must be met. He said, “We really need to know that all of the factors are compliant.”

If you have any of the Page Experience Update metrics that don’t meet the mark, you won’t get the icon.