As web designers, you’re given certain dos and don’ts when creating a website. For instance, do put in a contact form or do put visual stimuli on every page so that will attract an audience. One of the don’ts is “no popup windows.” Popup windows tend to frustrate a user who just wants to find information on your website. But what if that popup window is an essential piece of your website?

We’re talking about the live chat box. Most lawyers have this service on their websites — a popup window will come up after a few seconds, asking the user if they need to talk to someone right away about their case. These chat boxes can bring several important leads for a lawyer and a user, who wants an immediate response to his/her problem, can get a solution without digging through hundreds of pages of information.

But are these chat boxes a distraction to the user? For instance, let’s say a potential client is trying to find out some information on medical malpractice on your website. When first coming on your homepage, a giant chat box pops up with your face asking the person if he/she needs help. The user does away with the chat box and finds the page….only to have another chat box pop up. Is this too in-your-face?

It’s true that some of these online chat boxes can be a little over the top, but at the same time they can be crucial for your law firm. For instance, if it’s 3 am and someone needs advice but doesn’t want to wait until 9 am when your office is open. That potential client can instead discuss the matter with the online chat and be able to get a good night’s sleep, knowing the problem will be resolved in the morning. And you got a new client on your hands!

Remember, subtlety is usually the best policy when it comes to websites. A pop chat box that can easily be dismissed is fine, but don’t go overboard with your “contact now” and “get help immediately” banners. That may be a little too much.

And if you’re not sure what online chat service to go with, don’t worry, ENX2 Marketing can help! Just contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you out.