After a short hiatus from the ENX2 Blog, I am back! And, I have great news. I’ve been promoted to Social Media Manager. YAAASSS! Back to business. This week, I wanted to write about legal marketing. But, not your normal fact-filled, legal marketing article. This is going to be a millennial’s perspective (that’s me!) of how legal marketing can change your law firm for the better.

In olden times (the 1990s), law firms got their names out in the crowd through newspapers, word of mouth, and their victories in the courtroom. Yawn, especially for the two thirds which you can probably guess.

Newspapers are dead, dead and no one actually talks to each other anymore. We are too preoccupied with the technology around us, and rightfully so. Technology and what we do with that technology is the existential purpose of today’s human life. With that being said, technology should be the focus of today’s legal system; especially when it comes to marketing and getting your name in front of clients.

Why, Logan, why? While some of your clients from the Mesozoic Era are still here, they won’t be around forever. Millennials, like me, and the generations to follow are going to be your clients in the present and in the future. And, technology’s ability to let digital marketers advertise your firm is where new-age word of mouth starts.

Digital marketing for a law firm encompasses social media use, website design and development, search engine optimization (SEO), paid-per-click (PPC) advertising, website content creation (blogging, news articles, etc.), and much more. Your law firm is going to need all of these things to thrive for now and into the future. It’s not just about name and stature anymore. Those are old news. For the purpose of this week’s blog, I will focus on three aspects of legal marketing.

Web Design and Development

First, comes the website. Having a website is important. It proves that your law firm has a digital fingerprint. At ENX2, we like to call it your online storefront. Your website needs to look professional, easy to navigate, user-friendly, and optimized for everything; even the kitchen sink (alright, maybe not that).

Jokes aside, having a website is going to educate your current and prospective clients about your impact on your firm’s legal niche; which in turn will generate more clients. And if the client doesn’t fit the bill, you can always refer them to another law firm, which improves your reputation among your colleagues.

Search Engine Optimization and Legal Marketing

As a millennial talking to attorneys and lawyers who have little to no knowledge of digital marketing, I will make SEO a little simpler for you to understand. It’s basically the practice of getting your website as searchable as possible in platforms such as Google or Bing. At ENX2, Google is our specialty. The better your law firm’s search engine ranking, the easier clients will find you.

Many factors go into having a better search engine ranking. Here are some basics:

  • Keywords
  • Content/page length
  • Page load speed
  • Mobile friendly
  • Backlinks

If you’re interested in learning more about the factors that are associated with successful SEO in legal marketing, take a second to check out our agency’s SEO services that we offer to firms ready to take the next step.

Social Media

This is near and dear to my heart, along with the hearts of most millennials. Social media is a LARGE part of my life. Hell, it’s my job. Social media is one of the most common ways people communicate with one another. For law firms, it’s an imperative tool for future growth.

Aside from scrolling upon your firm on Google, the first digital interaction someone is going to have with your firm is most likely through one of social media’s many platforms. The key to using social media as a legal marketing tool is reaching people through custom targeting. You can define your target audience by where they live, what they like, how much money they make, and so many other things across a variety of platforms.

You can even target people based on what kind of cheese they prefer. Seriously! Cheese targeting is legit. I digress. The only way social media marketing is going to make your law firm succeed is by spending money. You have to spend money to make money.

ENX2 Will Take You Into The Future

And beyond! I hope my millennial view of digital marketing for your law firm has you thinking about all the possibilities your firm’s missing out on. Aside from winning in the courtroom, your firm’s second concern should be winning on the web. Our agency is ready to take you to the top. Will you #ShineWithUs?