There’s not a better sound in a law office than a ringing phone. Usually this means that someone is need of your services. All your marketing and advertising efforts have come to fruition. Clients! But what you do next can be the difference between a paying customer and a bad review on Google.

The client intake lead process can be just as an essential tool to your business as the law books in your office. And surprisingly, not many lawyers handle their intake lead process correctly. For instance, are you guilty of the following:

  • Not calling a potential client promptly back, even if his/her case isn’t for your firm
  • Not referring out a lead to another lawyer
  • Just ignoring leads because “you don’t have the time”
  • Not answering emails or phone messages

This is not customer service. Even if the client’s case doesn’t match with your practice, what do you think it says about your firm if you’re not getting in touch with that client? Imagine if you were that client who is need of legal representation. Just by ignoring them, you run the risk of a bad review somewhere. However, if you did get back to that client and refer him/her to an another lawyer, do you think that maybe that client might recommend you to someone who has a case that fits your practice?

Everyone is busy, and that’s not an excuse for picking up a phone or emailing someone. You just need an organized intake process that will leave your potential clients with the feeling that they made the right choice in selecting you as their lawyer. Here are some tips to keep in mind when you get intake leads:

  • Get all their contact information. Even if you don’t intend on taking on the case, you never know if he/she will need you in the future.
  • Call/Email them back. It takes a couple of minutes to dial a number and speak with the person. And even if you’re too busy do it, make your assistant or anyone in your office do it. Just so the client knows you have him/her best interests on your mind.
  • Can’t handle the case? Refer them out. Don’t just ignore someone’s problems.  Ask a fellow lawyer to handle the case, then let the client know.

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