Your domain name is everything on the Internet and surprisingly many people don’t realize its importance. When they select a domain, people instantly think of something clever or funny, but nothing functional. Did you know that your domain name is essential when it comes to SEO? Having one of your major keywords in your domain will help you rank higher in search engines. But remember, your website better represent that keyword to a T, or else Google will penalize you.

Just as you take the time to pick out the right office space, you should do the same when choosing a domain name. Consider all your options — do I go with the office with the great view but small space or do I choose the one with the large space but no windows? Also, ask yourself, how will your clients search for you online? You want something that clients can easily recognize. And more likely, clients will be Googling your name rather than “employment lawyer in Hartford, Connecticut.” Your name, especially if its attached to your law firm, is a brand now. That’s right…you’re a thing now. 

Remember, this is something that you are going to have with you for quite a long time. So you want something catchy but is a good representation of your name. SEO gurus Moz has given a few pointers when picking the perfect domain name:

  • Don’t hyphenate your domain. This is generally a warning signal to search engines that you may be a spammer.
  • We’ve been inundated lately with new top-level domain choices (the .com in your address). You may have seen a few out there — there’s even a .law! But until it becomes more commonplace, it’s best to stick with a recognizable one such as .com or .net.
  • And make sure your domain is short but sweet. If you have a long domain name such as “”, it’s going to be harder to share with people plus more likely for clients to get it wrong.
  • The length of a URL does matter with SEO. The longer a URL is, the harder it can be for a searcher to read. Remember, your page name will be tacked on to the end of that domain, so make sure it’s at a reasonable length.

You’re probably going to need a website on that domain, right. Good thing ENX2 Marketing can help you with that. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.