legal-directories-enx2-marketing-legal-marketingYou’ve gotten through the hard part. You spent years in school to get where you are at this moment. You have the degrees, you passed the bar, and now you have your own practice. And yet, you don’t have the number of clients that you want. How do you get them? What are you doing wrong? What is my competition doing that I’m not?

There could be various answers to these questions and a quick search on the Internet will pull up the information you need to get ahead. But really, who has the time to research?

Chances are you’re not getting clients because you’re not anywhere they can find you. In this day and age, with all the information you would ever need on your smartphone, if you can’t be found in a few keystrokes then you’re out of business. Sure there’s social media, websites, SEO/SEM, Google Ads, billboards, television ads, radio spots, newspaper editorials, and a million other things that will get your name out there. But, before spending your money, answer this question: How’s your rating on AVVO? Or more importantly, are you rated on Martindale-Hubbell?

ENX2 Marketing has spent the last few years studying the marketing practices of law firms and we feel that a major component is always overlooked:  legal directories. Don’t believe us? Do this quick: Type “find a lawyer” in your favorite search engine. We’ll wait. Now how many results did your search engine bring up? Was it more than a thousand? A million? When we did it, we got more than 54 million results on Google. Legal directories are EVERYWHERE and with the recent heavy marketing efforts of AVVO, they are just going to multiply.

Many lawyers say that online legal directories are not worth the effort. Don’t listen to the naysayers. Not only are these legal directories increase your website’s SEO and your online presence, but it will help gain clients. We’re not lying – a report commissioned by LexisNexis found that almost half of those deciding on legal representation were unlikely to hire an attorney who wasn’t listed on Martindale-Hubbell. In fact, 56 percent of all clients turn to online lawyer profiles or legal directories at least on a monthly basis.

The problem with all these legal directories (over 54 million, remember) is you’re not sure which ones you should be in and which ones you can pass by. There’s no manual out there that tells you how to update these profiles. And trying to find that information out can be tricky.

That’s why you need to hire ENX2 Marketing. We can weed out which are the legal directories you need to be on and what ones you can let go. We can make sure all your information is up to date and if you’re interested in advertising, try to get you the best deal for your buck. For more information, contact us today.