If you own some kind of retail or e-commerce store, you should already be familiar with Google Shopping and its ads. These help customers find what they are looking for when they are in the buying phase of their journey. But, what about service businesses like law firms, mechanics, landscapers, and construction companies? 

For service businesses, there might not be something as important as speaking to customers directly over the phone when they need to talk to you immediately. Bank freeze your bank account and need to speak to a lawyer now? Something major happened to your car overnight and need it fixed? You want to speak to someone NOW and not later. There is no time to log onto your computer or scroll through your phone to the contact page to fill out a form.

When to Use & Not Use Call-Only Ads

Use Call-Only Ads at the bottom of the funnel:

99.9% of our clients here at ENX2 Marketing are law firms, so when setting up these types of ads ask yourself: When would be the most appropriate time to run call-only ads? During business hours of course! You don’t want potential clients and customers calling at all hours of the night. But you also want to make sure you are matching their every need in every stage of the sales funnel.

For most clients, I’d suggest combining a 50-50 split of call-only ads (that are targeted specifically to mobile users) during business hours and text ads during non-business hours. You can then gather data on peak call times and make big adjustments for those times! Messaging is important as well in finding when and how to split up your campaigns. More on that below!

Make Sure Your Messaging & Intent Are Correct:

It’s all about search intent, even in PPC land! Let’s take the previous example of someone’s bank account being frozen. They need to speak with a lawyer soon, so they take to Google and search “My bank account was frozen. I need a lawyer.” The below example has it right. They would direct them to an FAQ page. In turn, you’ve provided them with an answer so they are more likely to trust you and then contact you for their business.

how can a lawyer help with frozen bank account

If the search result was quite different and the ad said something about a settlement or unrelated, the intent was missed. You will want to really hone in on the correct keywords for separate call-only ad campaigns that really speak to an immediate need. 

As mentioned in the previous section, search intent will really direct what kind of campaigns you should and shouldn’t run. Test keywords in ad groups and gather the data in the search terms report to really help guide you on what kind of campaigns to run.

search term reports

Targeting With Purpose

After setting these campaigns up, you want to make sure you are geo-targeting (your ads will only show in the geographic location you choose to target) correctly. Target the city you are in, neighboring cities or towns, or even the county, or state level. It really depends on the size and scope of your company.

Bring It Home

Who knows, you may be a new law firm just starting out with little budget to work with to get your name out there. Call-only ads specifically designed for mobile are an easy way to advertise without wasting money on clicks that don’t lead anywhere on traditional pay-per-click ads. If you need assistance in starting your own campaigns, contact ENX2 Marketing’s expert PPC team now!