Have you ever heard an athlete say they would “run through a brick wall” for their coach? If you have, then you know it means they are willing to do anything necessary and give their all-out effort for their coach. For me, I (along with my fellow coworkers) can say the same about my boss – Nicole Farber, the CEO and mastermind behind ENX2 Marketing. I’m sure they can offer more, but I want to share how her leadership techniques have made an impact in my short time with ENX2.

The One and Only Nicole Farber

Before starting as a Marketing Assistant for Nicole in September of 2017, I knew her as my former neighbor who was truly inspirational and always upbeat about life. Even if it was a brief greeting, she was always smiling and had this positive vibe about her.

When I learned about ENX2 Marketing, I thought it was really interesting that a business with that level of importance and impressiveness was in my backyard, figuratively speaking. Little did I know, my always upbeat and positive neighbor at the time would be my future employer and the best boss I would come to know.

Fast forward to here and now. Going to work isn’t like work at all. Not only do I get to create, write, and have my voice heard; I receive acknowledgment, inspiration, and motivation on a daily basis. We all do. This is all in part to Nicole’s vision.

My co-workers and I, our team as we like to refer to ourselves, are one cohesive unit. This is how Nicole wants to run her business. We are all accountable for each other’s actions. We work for and with each other to reach our goals. No one is better than the other person. This why we are her team.

Whether it’s the motivational texts or emails we receive in the morning, the meetings to discuss our future clients, or going through a bucket list of team goals; Nicole has made her mark on all of us. Just the ability to be so open about what each of us wants and how we can accomplish those things makes our jobs at ENX2 so unique. She and this business are worthy of writing about. People around the world need to know what’s happening here, and I’m tasking myself with the responsibility of shedding light on how a great boss – no, a great leader – should make you want to run through a brick wall for them.

These aren’t facts to you the reader. But to me, they are. My team sees it every day. When they don’t, when it’s just Nicole and I in a meeting, I get more of an insight into her leadership.

All the time, she’s telling me “Logan, big things are coming.” When most people hear phrases like that, they usually brush it off. Not me. I’ve seen it happen first hand. She talks about a goal she wants to reach, and it happens (with hard work of course).

I am truly blessed to work for her. I’ve never seen or had an employer treat me in such a positive manner. The amount of belief she has in me, along with my team, makes me want to go farther than the extra mile. She has our backs, while some of my employers in the past couldn’t even act as a sounding board for my ideas.

The future of her vision for ENX2 Marketing is in her grasp. And, I am so excited to be a part of her goal.

Want to Know More?

If you would like the know more about ENX2 Marketing and how we plan on changing the future of marketing, stay tuned. The best is yet to come!