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Digital marketing is a nuanced industry. With so many different ranking factors and web design aspects to consider, it can be hard to know how to split your attention in a way that will most ideally benefit your company; given the increased amount of competition out there, this ability to balance is more important than ever. Let’s hear from some SEO industry experts to get their perspective on the tools and techniques that will best optimize your website.

Keep Up With The Technological Curve

This industry was based off of technological advancements and continues to adapt and evolve to match newfound developments. Your business must be aware of — and on top of — these crucial changes, or you just might fall behind.

“If you’re not optimizing your website for voice search yet, you’re already behind the curve,” stated Wendy Lindars of ENX2 Marketing. “Thanks to AI devices like Google Assistant and Siri, voice search is going to be more and more in use as time progresses; make sure you tailor your copy for voice search!”

Kitty Cobb of Digital Marketing Experts International agreed, although she was more concerned with the larger role bots are soon to play.

“I see artificial intelligent bots being used more prevalently in digital marketing in 2019; especially with channels opening up and being combined with Messenger, Instagram, and Whatsapp.”

Such apps are heavily relied on in social media platforms; Facebook, in particular, is dominating.

“From an SEO Agency standpoint, we continue to see a rise in Demand for Facebook Video Advertising and Dynamic Advertising on Google’s Search Network,” said Nathan Shane of Krest Marketing. “Paid ads are becoming a better product for clients that want quicker customer conversions.