Seth Skversky, Business Development Manager
Business Development Manager

Seth Skversky

Business Development Manager

Business Development Manager Seth Skversky has built his career working with people on a relational level.

From the mean streets of Philadelphia, Seth drops the cheesesteak banter and rolls up his sleeves (all pun intended) bringing an attitude that is pleasant, interpersonal and looks at relationships as an uncanny approach to building lasting partnerships. Seth’s fiance is a small business owner, so Seth knows how every dollar counts and only looks out for the interests of his clients. Why is this so important? Research, planning, and development are codependent within any business arena, small or large. Seth prides himself in knowing this and ensuring that no matter the arena, he will attend to the needs of his clients and ensure success!

Seth Skversky has built his career working with people on a relational level. Seth got his start in working on the campaign to reelect the first Iraqi War Veteran to serve in Congress and quickly grew in the ranks to become the youngest Chief of Staff in Caucus history. Seth later worked within banking where he personally oversaw the growth and creation of personal and small business wealth and from there began to transition into Digital Marketing. Since then he has earned multiple Google Academy and SEMrush Academy certificates justifying that his wealth of knowledge needs to be shared with hardworking men and women in the business community.

On a personal level, Seth is the proud parent of two adorable cats and one feisty turtle. Recently engaged, he spent nearly six months handcrafting the custom black diamond that speaks volumes of his fiance’s personality – a rebel with a cause! Seth loves soccer, more specifically he is bedeviled and tormented with Manchester United – GLORY GLORY MAN UNITED!!!

Working with Seth will be working with a friend. As his favorite Organizational Consultant Simon Senek says, “We are not victims of our situation. We are the architects of it.” Seth cannot wait to build something everlasting with you!

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