Mike Hollos, Director of Web Design and Development
Director of Web Design and Development

Mike Hollos

Director of Web Design and Development

A dedicated family man who likes to rock out to Metallica, Mike is the creative force at ENX2.

As Director of Web Design and Development at ENX2, Mike will make sure your website not only looks great on all devices, but performs great too. Mike is an expert in WordPress development and is certified in web accessibility, so your website will be in good hands with Mike and the ENX2 web development team.

Our multi-talented designer Mike has an extensive background in web design, web development, print design, and e-commerce. Throughout his diverse career of nearly 20 years, Mike has worked with all types of companies – from large corporations such as Warner Music Group and Adidas Golf to local law firms such as Mazzoni Karam Petorak & Valvano. With specialties in brand and identity design as well as legal digital advertising, Mike can turn any website design into something dynamic and simply gorgeous with minimal turnaround.

Working from scratch is never easy, especially for WordPress. But with only a few suggestions from clients, Mike can craft a fully functioning website to meet the requirements of not only the clients but exceeds expectations. He has never missed a deadline and is ready to lend a hand whenever needed. He truly earns the nickname “Magic Mike.”

Mike is the winner of the 2018 Gold Davey Award for Best Legal Website Design and received two American Advertising Awards for graphic design and web development. Throughout the years, Mike has won several Davey and W3 awards for work he has done on Fellerman & Ciarimboli and SWG, Inc. He has a Computer Science/Mathematics degree from Misericordia University.

A dedicated family man who likes to rock out to Metallica, Mike was born and raised in Noxen, Pennsylvania, and has resided in Northeast PA his entire life. He currently lives in Sweet Valley with his wife (ENX2 Mom), daughter, and son. He is the coach of his son’s baseball team and enjoys sports, fishing, and short walks on the beach.