Jason Lilly, Assistant Graphic Designer
Assistant Graphic Designer

Jason Lilly

Assistant Graphic Designer

Jason has been in love with graphic design ever since his first class in his sophomore year of high school. He immediately developed an interest in the industry and took to it like a fish to water. After finishing the advanced level course in his junior year, he wanted to have a more challenging experience with learning the programs. He spent his senior year of high school working closely with the teacher in an independent study to create a third level graphic design course for the school.

Since then, Jason has gone through two separate graphic design internships, gaining skills and work experience until he finally landed here with us.

Originally from Wilton, Connecticut, Jason is a full-time student at Luzerne County Community College. He is set to graduate with a degree in graphic design and advertising in Spring 2019.

While he isn’t working at ENX2, you can either find him laying back enjoying a good movie or at our next door neighbor, serving out cheesecake.