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Jamie Monahan, Business Development Representative
Business Development Representative

Jamie Monahan

Business Development Representative

Jamie has a passion for growing businesses and allowing them to see their vision. He has a dynamic 15-year sales career with experience and record-breaking performances in website design, e-commerce, digital advertising, social media marketing, and Software as a Service (SaaS) sales. Jamie always remains on the cutting edge and strives towards driving new business through key accounts and establishing mutually beneficial strategic partnerships. He has experience in overseeing sales teams and helping representatives reach their goals. His outgoing personality allows him to work well with others and complete projects quickly and correctly. Jamie is exceptionally well organized with a track record of self-motivation and creativity that allows him to succeed both with local and national accounts. Jamie loves teamwork, competitive situations and achieving the desired goals.

Jamie is currently in school working towards his bachelors and master’s degrees. From his hard work and excelling in the classroom, Jamie’s 3.8 overall GPA earned him one of the top scholarships (Blessed Moreau Scholarship) to the McGowan School of Business at King’s College. Currently at Luzerne County Community College finishing his associates degree, he will be attending King’s College in the Spring of 2024

Jamie is an extrovert and loves to spend his time with family and friends. His parents, brother, and sister are his biggest supporters. You can see him sometimes at Starbucks in Kingston or at Pour Coffee House in Wilkes-Barre, reading and journaling. He is currently learning how to play the game of chess. Chess is similar to life if you are making the right moves!


  • Explored all of France and Ireland in his 20’s
  • Jamie is a huge NY Giants, NY Yankees, Chicago Bulls, Notre Dame Football, and Syracuse Basketball fan!
  • He loves taking hot yoga classes
  • He collects old school hip-hop vinyl records
  • His nieces and nephews call him Aunt Jamie
  • He loves to cook as it is therapeutic for him
  • Loves to read books, self-growth, and mindfulness magazines