Bob, Efficiency Consultant
Efficiency Consultant


Efficiency Consultant

Every business needs a quality control expert. Someone who makes sure the ship is running smoothly. And for ENX2, that man is Bob.

Bob is the ENX2 efficiency consultant – cracking the whip to make sure the rest of the ENX2 Crew stays on track. Need a fresh web page? Bob make sure that page is done by the end of the day. Website design taking too long? Bob will get it done! Social media not getting enough engagement? Don’t worry. Bob will whip it into shape!

Bob, with his partner Bob, has been known to steal red Swingline staplers, criticize our lack of flair, and asks us to come in on Saturday…and might as well come in on Sunday as well.

Hey, what happened to the printer? And where is that rap music coming from? Oh, Bob!