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Traditional Media Services for Law Firms

We may live in a digital era, but that doesn’t mean traditional media services can’t be beneficial to your firm or company. That’s why at ENX2 Marketing we provide you with traditional marketing services to give you the best of both worlds.
The Competition
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The results of ENX2’s work are extraordinary and transparent to everyone in the firm. The volume of our intakes nationwide has more than doubled in two years. We have almost doubled our staff to keep up with the demand.
David Sanford
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Television Advertisements Services

Even in the age of YouTube and Instagram videos, TV remains the world’s most effective form of advertising. Why? Television is no longer that square box you gather around in the living room to watch a rerun of The Golden Girls. Nowadays, TV has evolved into streaming programs directly to your mobile devices at any time, anywhere you wish. This phenomenon known as addressable TV is great for marketing too, as consumers of programing will then be subjected to advertisements tailored to their interests.

Not only is TV evolving, but it also touches on emotions in a way that text on a page or a graphic cannot. Video can help tell a story. Provide a narration with music and image, even without dialogue. Because of this, people not only respond well to TV advertisements, they trust them, too.

Are you in need of a TV advertisement or commercial to promote your firm? Leave it up to the video marketing experts! We know the local and national markets to ensure that your message is created and delivered with clarity and sincerity.

Radio Advertisements Services

Video may have killed the radio star, but according to Nielsen’s Audio Today 2019 report, we may be having a sort of resurrection of the platform. The study found that radio currently reaches 272 million Americans each week, which is 7 million more people than in 2016.

Why, in a world with Spotify and Sirius Radio, do we tune into our local stations? Because of the lack of clutter. Where your newspaper pages may feature ads in every other column, a radio program of 1 hour may only have 10 minutes of commercials.

Think about it: You jump in your car in the morning to drive to work. You may tune into the radio for traffic updates, weather forecasts and to hear the latest trending hit. But you may also hear a quick radio ad about a stellar new product that’s piqued your interest.

It’s now the end of the workday. Back on the road, you go. More jams but not of the traffic variety. And there’s that radio ad again. Now you can’t stop thinking about it. You go home, jump on the internet and you’ve placed an order.

Radio advertising works. That’s why we offer services to ensure your brand and product hits the airwaves.

Print and Direct Mail Advertising Services

Call us old school, but we know there is a time and place for print media that still works even in the age of technology.

For local clientele, Wilkes-Barre continues to be one of the only cities in the United States with two competing daily newspapers. And with digital media taking over, the same content you can read in newsprint is also available online, on your mobile device.

Not only are we still reading newspapers, but we’re also getting mail advertisements, and subscribing for coupons and other deals. But why is it effective? Repetition. Not only do you want to send direct mail advertisements, but you also need to supplement it with other aspects of your marketing campaign. By coupling strategies, you’ll see a higher return on investment with the ability to track who was exposed to what element of your campaign.

Billboards Advertisements Services

You may think that billboards along interstates are a thing of the past for feasible advertising but the reality isn’t so. Billboards can actually build brand awareness and attract customers.

How does it work? Simple: Your billboard has to be sharp, tell a story and be memorable. People are driving by quickly, so you literally have seconds to capture the audience so they want to learn more about your product or service.

That’s why our graphic designers will go over the location of your billboard to ensure maximum sales vantage for you, and create a noteworthy advertisement the community won’t soon forget.

Partner your digital advertising with traditional media to make your marketing AMAZING.

At ENX2 Marketing, we’re a top legal marketing company that knows the importance of utilizing both traditional and digital marketing strategies. That’s why our legal marketing firm specializes in both, coming from an array of specialties and fields to ensure your marketing will be not just amazing but will rise above the competition. What are you waiting for? Contact ENX2 Marketing now to schedule a consultation and get access to great legal marketing to propel your business forward!


Even the best-planned marketing strategy needs to have a traditional media aspect. The experts at ENX2 can coordinate your presence both online and offline.

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