The main part of my job is handling the SEO for our clients. It’s a pretty big job and it’s a daily obsession. My days revolve around crawl errors, content analysis, backlink planning, and hitting my head against my keyboard when a website falls in rankings. You see, when it comes to backlink building, the planning needs to be precise and very careful. All backlinks should be natural, so they don’t hurt your online rankings. To make sure you don’t make a lot of common backlink building mistakes, check out this step-by-step process on how to build backlinks the right way in 2018. A day doesn’t go by when I’m not yelling at my computer screen, asking it why it’s not behaving. There’s also not a day goes by where I celebrate a triumph.

Why did I choose this type of work? I ask myself that question every day. It comes from my love of puzzles and problem solving. I’ve always been good at puzzles and that’s what SEO is…one big daily puzzle for me to solve.

The one issue I have with SEO is how incredibly slllllooooooowwww it can be and no one really understands this. I know I’ve mentioned this before but many don’t seem to realize this – it’s going to take months to start showing up in results. Let’s take ENX2 Marketing as an example. We created this website over three years ago but really didn’t start SEO on the site until last year. And only until a few months ago did our site really start ranking on Google.

What many don’t understand is that unless there’s a camera tied to my screen, recording my everyday work (which means they might see my Spotify playlist for SEO work and have further questions about my work habits), the results of my labors are rarely seen until weeks later. You need patience with SEO and a trust that the team that you chose to handle your SEO know what it’s doing.

There are more than a billion websites on the internet and that number keeps increasing. All those domains want to be seen on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines out there. So if you think about it, if your website is listed on the third search page after a month of being created, you got a good team there. Remember, not everyone selects a site on the first page or the ads.

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