It’s the little details that are vital. Little things make big things happen.
– John Wooden

This week we received an email to the general ENX2 account commenting on my blog last week. It said “Nice upbeat blog…enjoyed it!!! (with a heart emoji).” I don’t say that to brag but to embarrass myself. As that email, which went to the entire team, was from my mother. LOL. But it was the sweetest thing ever.

The little things. All of the items and actions we tend to gloss over every single day. Most of the time we forget, or we’re too busy to partake in. But when you receive them, it can stop you dead in your tracks. Make you smile, or make you laugh. It’s these little things that can make each and every day so special, just like my mom’s message did for me last week. And just as Coach Wooden stated above, those little things make big things happen.

On a personal level the little things bring me so much joy, whether giving or receiving. My daughter Madeline makes me smile so much. She does things on a daily basis that simply amaze me. She’s so smart, talented, and driven. But just a simple text from her asking how my day was just melts my heart.

My girlfriend Lindsay is remarkable. She does more in one day than most people do in a week, or a month. She gives everything she has each day, to help others and make our region a better place. Her schedule frightens me, but she consistently generates the necessary energy, and crushes each day from wire to wire. Yet, in the midst of her craziness, she always finds time to make sure I’m okay.

My brother Clancy is another one. He works non-stop but he’ll always find a minute to see how my day is going. And if it’s a tough one, you can guarantee I’ll get a FaceTime from him, Abby, and the kids that night to make us laugh.

The little things. So important, not just in life but work.

The remarkable Kim Kaupe. Successful entrepreneur with awards and recognition for days. Yet when Kim came to a basement in Wilkes-Barre to speak at our Connect Spotlight event, she was the first person to arrive and the last person to leave. She talked to every single person and student that night. And then, about a week later, I received a thank you card in the mail from Kim. For real. The same Kim that has a picture with Oprah on her Instagram. THAT Kim took the time to send a personalized card. The little things.

This week marked our first time back in the office since Covid-19 entered our lives. It honestly felt like the first day of school. I had some nervous energy flowing through my body. One by one, we all came walking back into the place we left over a year ago. And there waiting for us on our monitors were sticky notes from our CEO and Founder Nicole Farber. All personalized notes encouraging and letting us know how much she appreciates us. It’s a true showcase of the heart and love Nicole carries inside of her. Any nerves or rust were immediately eliminated by a simple sticky note.

That’s what a true leader does and what Coach Wooden was referring to. All of those little things, those notes, were an injection of energy. They brought smiles to each of our faces. They flipped the switch from vacation to creative mode. Little things make big things happen.

We often talk about building and establishing the culture we want at ENX2. It starts from the top down. Set the tone. Set an example. But forget about clients and deadlines for a moment. This is about helping facilitate the growth of human beings. At ENX2 we pride ourselves on our focus and commitment to our team, to grow them both personally and professionally. Nicole’s little thing – her act of kindness – to leave those notes reinforces that commitment.

And here we are. Nicole’s notes (along with my mother’s email to the team) reminded me of how important those little things are. A simple yet often overlooked skillset. They help inspire. They help encourage. They pick someone up when they’re down. It’s the little things that will make us all better.

Now as COO, and tasked with molding, inspiring, and driving our team to the next level, I can’t forget about what it takes to get there. Maybe it’s a simple “How’s your day going” or words of encouragement like Madeline and Lindsay do everyday. Maybe it’s a break in the day to make someone laugh like my niece Bridie and nephew Cillian do for us. Or maybe it’s a card or note with words of encouragement like Kim and Nicole so naturally do. I can’t lose sight of the little things, and neither should you.

What do you think? How important are the little things to you? Would love for you to share your stories. Feel free to send your comments to [email protected]  (use this email Mom).

Side Note
I’ve covered a lot of special moments and concerts so far in my blog. I want to hit on a genre I haven’t touched yet – hip hop. Not today’s hip hop. My nephew KC and niece Quinn are always trying to keep me current, but I struggle to keep up. This entry is all about old school hip-hop. I had some amazing albums that I essentially wore out as a kid and teenager. I wanted to take a moment, generate some great memories, and channel some of my favorite hip-hop albums growing up. Here are my top five:

#5. LL Cool JMama Said Knock You Out: The first CD I ever purchased. And what a great buy it was. That whole album just kills it. It’s a mood. And it will always remind me of the Live Wire at Roller King.
#4. Public EnemyFear of a Black Planet: I listened to this tape so much on my Walkman that I essentially wore it out.
#3. Beastie BoysIll Communication: I know, why not Licensed to Ill? Great album, but for me, Ill Communication is a masterpiece.
#2. Run DMCRaising Hell: This might as well have been a greatest hits album. Just one classic after another.
#1. Anything by A Tribe Called Quest. Anything. Just pick an album.