I’m bringing the fun in this week’s blog. The weather is turning and we’re all gearing up for Memorial Day weekend…and I’m just in a great mood. So this week, I want to talk about what is exciting me right now, but as I always do, pull that back into my journey as COO at ENX2.

There are a couple of personal reasons why I’m in such a great mood. It all started with Lindsay and I being able to unplug for a little bit. We went for walks, worked out, talked about life, grabbed some nice dinners, and even watched an 80s movie – License to Drive. It’s a must see.  Classic film from the Corey’s (if you don’t know what that means, ask someone over 40). Come to think about it, watching an 80s movie was definitely a HUGE contributing factor to my happiness…such a different time…a much simpler time.

And my parents are in town from Florida. Just to spend one minute with them is the best.  Seeing them in-person as opposed to a computer or phone screen is fantastic. I can hug them all day long. 

I got to catch up with a childhood friend, Todd Fleischman, even though it was just a text or two, it was amazing. We laughed about some childhood memories and talked about getting together soon in Philly.

We even helped my daughter cash her first ever paycheck this week. She dishes some of the best ice cream ever at Malacari’s (Plains Township location….make sure you leave a tip). Again, just have a good vibe going this week. It has me excited about what’s to come.

This pandemic has robbed us of so much. We’ve lost loved ones, which is far and away the most damaging and soul crushing thing that occurred during the pandemic. That’s not up for debate. But what I want to talk about is what else Covid took away – in-person, social interaction, and how the lack of it zapped me of excitement.

For months I’ve dwelled upon the inability to see my family or have an old fashioned date night with Lindsay. I’ve worried about the negative impacts of limited social interaction will have on the maturation of my teenage daughter. I missed all of my friends. I missed small talk at the coffee counters. But as you see above, the tide has started to turn. Whatever the new post-covid norm looks like, I personally feel like I’m getting there. I’m excited. 

And that attitude and excitement is translating to my job at ENX2.  Next week, our team will officially be back in the office. Again, it won’t be how it was pre-covid, as we’ll be three days in and two days remote.  But we’re back…and there’s so much to look forward to. Things that Zoom or Teams can’t give you, that in-person social interaction.

I can’t wait to…

  • Hear about Nicole’s endless Senior year banquet tour with Nikolus;
  • Talk Star Wars and “the sports” with Logan;
  • Laugh hysterically at a story told by Sarah;
  • Listen to Mac describe her bat encounter;
  • Talk drink selection at Wawa with Erika;
  • Commiserate with Mariah on the status of our Eagles;
  • Be educated by Chris on the background of all the upcoming Marvel Movies; and
  • Hear about the apartment hunting journey with Katie

I’ve missed these interactions so much. They bring me such joy. Most importantly, as it relates to ENX2, this in-person interaction will act as a springboard for creativity, innovation, and productivity. We are our best when we’re together. So even if it’s for just three days in-person, I can’t wait.

This excitement that is building inside of me has me reflecting too. It’s made me realize how “having fun” is such a critical component to your culture and overall execution of your team or business. And it brings me to this week’s Lessons Learned: I’m so excited.

First of all, major props to anyone who read that line and immediately reenacted the Jessie Spano scene from Saved By the Bell. Second, the excitement level is bringing me back. It’s reminding me of some of my favorite moments of my professional career. The magic happens when you commit yourself to having fun and enjoying what you’re doing. 

No matter your job title or industry served, we have all felt stuck at some point. Work becomes a grind. You have days when you look up at the clock and it says 9:57 AM and you question whether the clock batteries have simply died. It happens. But when it becomes a constant, you’re doomed. It can derail an employee or even worse, derail an entire company. 

Look, pick a motivational speaker and they’ll tell you some variation of Mark Twain’s famous words “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” Here’s a reality check, most of us will never get there. Analyzing intake forms for clients isn’t my dream job – it’s work. But it doesn’t mean I can’t have fun and enjoy my day. The more appropriate quote is “”Just one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.” – Dalai Lama. Boom. That’s what I’m talking about. A mindset of joy and fun.

Sure, talking about the Eagles with Mariah won’t help us generate a lead for a client, nor will a story from Sarah (complete with exaggerated arm movements) solve a complex problem for a firm, but it will generate that positive energy, that vibe, that spark that can energize us to attack the day. That is the energy I’m ready for next week. That is the energy that will carry our team and company to greatness. 

I can’t wait to unleash this energy in the office, and I know everyone will be there to match it. While it’s not the traditional setting we were accustomed to prior to covid, it’s enough of an interaction to spark the next great thing from ENX2. Personally, I can’t wait. I’m more excited right now than Les landing Mercedes Lane’s phone number in the movie License to Drive (seriously, watch it).

Side Note

Let’s keep the fun rolling. We all have our artists, albums, or songs to match our moods. Missing my dad? Throw on Neil Young. Need to be creative? Throw on the El Camino album by The Black Keys. Need to crush the rest of the day? Dial up The Beastie Boys. Need to chill? The Score album by The Fugees does the trick. Need to get amped? Cue up anything by Jay-Z. But when the bell rings at the end of the day, and I’m looking for those positive vibes, I always seem to drift towards Phish. Different. Playful. Fun. A great live show if you’ve never seen (or remembered). They give me energy. Love them. Here are my top three Phish Albums:  #3 – Farmhouse (2000); #2 – Hoist (1994); and #1 – A Picture of Nectar (1992).